Thursday, July 26, 2007

Stick a fork in us -- for we are done!

Yes, NOW we can discuss all things Potter. Michael and I finished Deathly Hallows tonight.

Overall, I am satisfied with the book. I'm sad that the series is over ... but it was good. There were some surprises ... There were some things that Michael and I were able to deduce (and then give each other the squinty-"I'm-SO-right!!"-eye).

Times I cried: Three.

[SPOILERS!!!!!! If you want to be all surprised, DO NOT read any further until you've finished your copy. Or the copy you've checked out from the local library. Or that you've borrowed from your bestest buddy.]

I was NOT prepared for the first death.
Michael thought it was weird that I cried over the owl and not the elf. (I was just crying on the INSIDE for our favorite house-elf. Who we're SO glad does not sound like Jar Jar Binks. Praises be!)
Moody's death didn't really phase us. He's a warrior. He went down fighting.
It pissed me off when Fred died. I didn't cry. But I felt like punching Rowling about a bit. You DO NOT separate the twins. That's just inhumane.
I cried over Lupin and Tonks. I had predicted the marriage troubles ... I just wasn't sure in advance why they'd come along.
I cried when Harry was in the forest. Harder than I cried for Hedwig.
I'm SO glad that I was right about Snape. SO glad.
I'm sad that we don't know Ginny's patronus.
I'm sad that I don't know much about Luna as an adult. Who did she end up with? How's business going with the Quibbler? Is she ever pestered by Nargles?!? I MUST KNOW!!!!
And I had a suspicion (that I was correct in supposing) about Neville's future.

[SPOILERS OVER. Not that, if you haven't read the book, you should still be here. Unless, *sigh* you don't like surprises ... and that's why I've tried to make my spoilers a little vague. If you really, really want me to discuss the book, let me know. ^_^]

Now to email my Cynthia, so she has someone to discuss it with. Since most of her friends have to wait (poor dears!) for the French translation.

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fold my laundry please said...

I was sad, but didn't cry about Hedwig. I bawled, like a baby, a tiny one, about Dobby. I was sad about Lupin and Tonks, but, again, didn't cry. And Fred, I cried, again, but was just glad he went down smiling and that Percy had come back when he did.

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