Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Workin' It ... my booty, that is ...

So today I (finally) got out of bed, put on my workout clothes and hit the treadmill after brushing my teeth.

I didn't do a mile. I only did .85 of one. I can't even say that I was going a WHOLE lot faster. And now, after about 30 minutes and a shower, I still feel rather like crap. I've had about a half liter of water ... but I'm still not feeling as god as I could.

And, Kari, don't be too proud of me for working out while it's hot. We have central air here. (One of my clinchers when buying a home.) So, really, I have no excuse NOT to work out ... well, excepting my habit of being a lazybones and not doing it.

And, Michael, glad you're reading. ^_^ Even though, when you first started talking, I almost thought that I had told you more on the phone than I really had. Ha ha ha, Honey. You're a funny-joke-man. :P
(For those of you NOT my husband, when I got back from a Webelos meeting where our one boy didn't show up ... and his father, a cubmaster, didn't bother to let the other leader know ... Grr --- BUT, getting back to my point, Michael started talking about my workout regime. Things that I didn't recall telling him ... but that I DID know that I blogged. He's all talking, and then I started grinning and blurted out, "You read MY blog!" -- He's not into blogging, refuses to get a MySpace page [if he did, he'd boot my #1 friend to #2 ... but since he's never going to to it -- he's bound and determined -- it's not an issue. M, being my friend since 3rd grade, is safe in her spot], but I still love him. ^_^)

By the way, Blood and Chocolate ... Not a good movie. I remember reading it after LOVING The Silver Kiss ... Maybe I'm just not into werewolves or something. Who knows? But, back to the movies ... the special effects? Not so hot. But they did get real wolves, as opposed to The Day After Tomorrow (which I couldn't even pay attention to), with their cheap-heinie CGI wolves.

Also, I've noticed that I'm not really good at watching movies anymore. I'm out of the habit. I'll watch a movie while reading a book or painting my nails or something. It's like I have to multitask or something. (Exception: episodes of Firefly and old favorites.) Why is that?

And today, since I'm feeling lazy, I'll only include the highlights of my workout soundtrack (Note to self, HOW many times, exactly, does "Lady" by Lenny Kravitz appear on that playlist?? Gotta fix that. Had to skip it twice.):
"Hey Ya" - OutKast
"Sikamikanico" - Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Feel Good Inc" - Gorillaz
"Break Me Shake Me" - Savage Garden

There you have it. The rest of the songs were skipped.

And, as a bonus, here's a taste of my crazy dream chronicles:
I was in a semi-Jane-Austeny-novel-world.
I had written someone's name (not mine or whoever I was) in green ink. It was an obvious forgery, since that person only ever used green ink.
I woke up before I got caught.

I have no flippin' clue what it means. Maybe that I need to read more Austen? Maybe that I should buy some green pens? Maybe that I hate being in this semi-calling-but-not-since-it's-not-in-my-ward-but-my-bishop--hasn't-put-me-elsewhere ... and I don't like not having any clue as to who to go to for information about this new ward (well, except for Michael, since he can get me information) or having any authority or whatnot. Grrr.

Yeah. Limbo is not an LDS doctrine. Heck, at this point, it's no longer really a Catholic doctrine (warning: satire column at that link. It may be offensive to some. Because, as satire, that is its job description). And, even though it's sort of nice having so many people being so glad that I'm still acting in this calling until my bishop decides if he's keeping me here or placing me in some other position, I'd much rather have something official, know where to go for information, and have the authority (from being called, sustained, and set apart) to tell my leaders what I'd like to see happen. (Not to speak ill of the Lord's anointed, BUT the other leader and I are feeling like our superiors are being a bit of space cases, bless their hearts).

Yes, I'm getting a little punchy and rebellious.
I suck. I should be more of a lady. And assertive. Not passive-aggressive.

Any pointers? Michael tells me I should talk to our bishop for some guidance. And I know he's right ... I just have to figure out what I need to say (and I'm probably going to do it in email, so both he and I can have a meeting of our minds at our own leisure. Yet another reason I pink puffy heart the internet and it's internetty goodness).

Allanna, OUT! (Hey, if Ryan Seacrest can do it, I can too!)

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