Friday, June 29, 2007

I'm teh bomb

Last night, Michael and I were talking before going to bed. Like usual.

At one point, I must have been teasing him ... and I remarked something to the effect of, "I laugh at you. That must be the hardest part of this relationship." Or something play-snarky like that.

And he responds: "No, that would be the mood swings."

Me: *laughs*

Him: "It's only funny because it's true!"

Me: *laughs* "Yeah ... You're so right."

He is, you know. I can't argue it at all.
I don't know why he puts up with me more than half the time. But I'm glad he does.

We also talked about the pre-date we went on ... and I asked, since we were also talking about having a sense of humor, if we were snarking about the teen fashion magazines I was reading with him in the van.

We were.

"Well, it's good to start a relationship on the right foot like that." I said.

We still snark very well. If they started a new series of Mystery Science Theater 3000, we could be most excellent. And we wouldn't need to employ any robots, either. :)

Besides, some movies just BEG to be made fun of. Like any movie based on a comic book or video game that attempts to take itself completely seriously. (Do you hear me, Daredevil? I'm casting some glares in your general direction. You're not far behind either, Ghostrider.)


And, for a quick glimpse into my past ... an instance of pure brilliance and wit, I give you a snippet of conversation with a guy that I kinda dated before Michael and I met:

Scene: His apartment. His roommates are home, but not in the living room as we're cuddling.

Him: We shouldn't be doing this here (referring to the cuddling. There's no smoochin' or anything ... what IS his problem?).

Me: (without thinking) Do we need to go out to your van?


Him: *speechless* (I think he started to swallow his tongue)

Me: *starts cracking up. Because I can't keep a straight face. Since I was JUST THAT brilliant and witty and amazing. And that doesn't happen ALL the time. So I especially appreciate it when I am.*

Yeah. Sometimes I amaze myself.
I like it when I do that.


N & K Caulder said...

You are HILARIOUS! That was a Brewster, wasn't it? It has to be. Keep those stories coming. I love stories.

Anonymous said...

You know, I really don't appreciate your Ghostrider comment. I happened to like that one, thankyouverymuch. It could be my undying Nic Cage crush... but I also have it kinda bad for that son of satan guy. You know how I feel about guys in white powder and eyeliner... not to mention long gothic trench coats. Rawr.

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