Wednesday, July 11, 2007

it's not easy being green ...

Michael, as I watch Brotherhood 2.0, will accuse me of liking one or the other of the Green brothers best.

I've been reading Hank Green's articles in mental_floss since before I knew who Hank Green was.

John, however, is now one of my new favorite authors. (Even though he does throw profanity around more than I'd prefer ... but, for who knows what reason, I don't mind READING profanity as much as I mind HEARING it.)

They're both brilliant. And hilarious.

Hank was, in the early days of the internet -- before everyone and their dog had email addresses --, known as a bit of an expert on Mars. As in, the BBC contacted his 15-year-old self for help on navigating through NASA's webpage. (I'm guessing a little on the age. He was in 10th grade. But STILL!)
Hank also writes songs. I still find myself humming "Helena, Montana" every so often.

AND Hank has this awesome quote from when he was interviewed:
7-Imp: What is your favorite curse word? (optional)

Hank: A lot of curse words are just bad words for good things, so on principle I don’t like that they even exist. Like they’re words for body parts, or functions, or animals, stuff that we should appreciate and not be ashamed of. I like curses that are actually bad things. I say “Poop on a stick!” a lot. It’s hard to imagine a situation where poop on a stick can be good.

Yeah ... AND Hank really fostered my crush on Neil Gaiman.
Well, Hank AND my friend, Roxy. She told me about his Sandman graphic novels ... and Coraline, which is being made into a movie (AS WE SPEAK) with music by THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS (Squeeee!!!1!). (And I loved MirrorMask, too.) (And am looking forward to the movie of Stardust.)

Now, if I could just start building up my confidence to post stuff In My Pants, I could be a real and genuine Nerdfighter.

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