Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Controversial Friend

So, my friend Kari emails me to check up on me ... I had commented on her blog and (unbeknownst to me) someone STRONGLY disagreed with my comment ... and Kari had to erase quite a bit of comments, since she's cool like that.

She was all worried that I was hurt and licking my wounds in the corner and scared to comment (Isn't she sweet??) ... In reality, once I comment on a blog, I usually don't review that blog. Call it my blogger-tunnel-vision ... AND, also, I was catching up on other blogs archives and (thusly) not catching up on my regular blogs to read (or posting on this one).

But, yeah, I sparked controversy ... well, me and the gal who disagreed and posted comments expressing her opinion ... and the other girl who defended me (C, if you're reading, thanks! That was very sweet of you! I'm blushing! ... I have no real idea exactly what you posted, but I appreciate you coming to my defense.)

So now I owe Kari some cookies (and C, if you want them, I can make you cookies too. ^_^)

THEN, when Mom and I took Bucket and Bruise to the library for storytime, one of the shelvers I worked with (the one who trained me when I got hired a couple years back as a substitute shelver) told me that I had a letter to the editor in the paper.
And that my stance on paid family leave was very well-written and clever.
And I had to tell her that it was a stock letter that was suggested by that Democracy In Action website that sends out information (like STOCK letters) for people to email or fax to their State representatives or senators. (I'm on the Moms Rising email list.)
And, obviously, one of the papers in our area printed my letter.

Which kinda freaks me out, since I kinda like to fly under the radar ... but kinda makes me happy, since I've managed to help get the word out about paid family leave and how it is a viable possibility ... and kinda makes me laugh, since I'm not a really political-type person.

So, here's what makes me even more controversial:

- I firmly believe in voting. And that if you don't vote, you don't get to gripe about the government.

- I'm not an extremely political person ... I like Mitt Romney's stance on SSM and abortion (two EXTREMELY important matters for me on a moral ground --- even though I like many people who deal with same-sex attraction ... and I'm so conflicted about it. Since I cannot condone it on a moral and religious ground ... but I love them dearly as people. And I just don't like abortion at all. There are only a very few instances where I would condone it ... and even for those, I would ask the person/family considering it to think very hard within themselves. I do think of as akin to murder, but I wouldn't think any less of any person who did it after thinking very hard about it. I think it abominable if used as a form of birth control. It's just adding irresponsibility to irresponsibility. And that is my opinion. Take it as you will.)
BUT, I also like Obama's stance on responsibility and innovation in the areas of conserving our natural resources. And, yes, this is mostly due to the buzz by the Green brothers' site.
And I don't like Hilary Clinton. I wouldn't trust her as far as I could throw her. Nor as far as I can spit (not that I'd ever do THAT, I'm a lady.) I think it's nice that a woman is running ... but I wouldn't vote for her. Ever.

Hmmm ... Maybe I am a little political after all.
I believe that we should vote for someone who will use his or her office (and the power that it encompasses) responsibly. And, yes, I do think that people (politicians AND celebrities) should hold themselves to a higher code of responsibility, especially when they are in the public eye.

I support breastfeeding in public as a baby's right, not just a mother's right. (It's a mother's right to decide how she feels it best to give her child nutrition. It's a baby's right to eat in public if he or she is hungry. Infants and toddlers cannot fight their own battles for themselves. It's up to us, as adults, to protect their rights and safety.)

I feel that parents have the right to make decisions for their families, GUIDED BY (not ordered by) laws. And, if it's a requirement for children to be in car seats for X amount of years AND have height and weight requirements that must be filled, then car seat manufacturers should be held accountable for ensuring fully-tested (not just up to MAYBE 35 mph, but to speeds of at least 75 mph) and AFFORDABLE (to all families) carseats.
[Oh yes, I'd love to have those Britax car seats for Bruise and Bucket ... but at around $300 each ... we're not able to afford those. We were barely able to scrape the money for the Graco seats (which we like a LOT, too). Still, it's insane.

I may not be clogging (well, that either) blogging for the next few days.

(Also, if you send me spoilers, I will have to hunt you down and kick you upside the head. I'm just sayin'.)

Okay, I have to get dressed and start reading. Since the kiddos are napping.

Also, the movie for book 5 was most excellent. My favorite of the HP books-into-movies thus far. I highly recommend it. Also, the preview for Get Smart was HI-larious! I asked Michael if I could have that movie's children, I loved it so much.
And the preview for Enchanted made MICHAEL and me want to see it. (I'd already heard good things regarding it on the blogosphere, now I am SO excited for it!)

So, yeah. I don't mean to be all controversial. I guess I just am. And I'm excited that our book arrived today. I was thinking it might take until Thursday, since we got the free shipping ... but, lo and behold!!!!

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Cynthia said...

Personnaly, I think everybody's entitled to his/her own opinion and even though we don't really see eye to eye on some of them, you're still a great friend!

I've finished Harry Potter and the deathly hollows yeterday (since I don't have kids, I read it all in one go). So email me when you finished it and we'll exchange opinions (since I can't do it here, all my friends will read it in french and that's only in 4 months!!!)

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