Sunday, July 29, 2007

Overheard in our home

There are many conversations that occur in my home that I have a hard time thinking would occur in other homes (or would be uttered by other people).

Here are examples:

Scene: Michael and I are talking in bed before we fall asleep. The topic is my new goal of working out. (Which is ironic, seeing as how I'm munching some pilfered-from-the-kids'-stash M&Ms)... I am musing aloud to Michael that I don't know the correct form to use when doing crunches (which has been taken care of via workout videos at FitSugar.)

Me: So when you do crunches ...
Michael: *interrupts with a snort*
Me: *as if he hadn't said anything* ... When you HYPOTHETICALLY do crunches ...

I mean, do you know anyone else who has conversations like this?
Is it just that I bring out the wacky in people?

Probably not, since one of my friends, as she was about to hang up as she was driving, suddenly blurted triumphantly out to me, amidst giggles, "My skirt's made from CURTAINS!!"
To which I drawled, "Scarlett, you gow luv-li-ah by tha daee!"

Or the fact that Michael calls me out, pretty darn often, when he's changing diapers and Bucket starts to sing her version of the "song" we have for getting dressed or undressed. (It's a kind of mishmash of "The Stripper," "Bad to the Bone," and "The Bunny Hop." And it keeps my kidlets pretty happy as we're changing a diaper or putting on a sleeper or PANTS or something. And, so, Bucket will join in with some well-timed "duh-DUH"s. She's got decent rhythm.

OR Michael will call me out when, as he's closing up the diapers, the kiddos will call out "bye-bye" as they wave toward their crotches. ... With Bruise being HYPER-AWARE of his ... boy parts ... and PLAYING with it just about ALL THE TIME, we've (meaning: the kids and I) made a habit of saying "Bye-bye Mr. P3n1s. We'll see you later/We'll see you at bathtime!" or "Bye-Bye V@gin@! We'll see you at bathtime!" ... I keep hoping that if they're aware that their little-person bits aren't going to disappear without giving a leave of absence, that MAYBE I won't have little children who HAVE to HAVE their hands in his their diapers ALL THE TIME.

TANGENT: Today, as I went to get the kiddos from Nursery, Bruise was trying to escape as soon as he saw me. I met him about two steps out of the door, as Sister D was telling him to come back. He immediately turned to her and said, "Bye-bye!!" and raised his arms so i would pick him up. He obviously had a good day ... and still was glad to see me. As soon as Bucket saw him get picked up she, staying inside the door until she was told (by me) that it's okay to come to me, started crying. Not because she didn't want to go.
Since she whimpered and cried until we got to Michael, I think that she was (1) tired -- should I phrase it as TIRED!!!1! -- and (2) missing her Daddy.

Oh ... and she sometimes snorts when she gets to laughing too much. Which makes me laugh hysterically in return. Good times.

And Bruise hopped up while I was dressing him for a nap today ... and I was changing him on the daybed in their room ... and landed his eye on the metal frame. Ouch. He's going to have a shiner tomorrow. I'll see if i can get a picture of this latest battle wound. Poor guy.

But the kiddos were very well-behaved at J&A's wedding shower Friday night. The drive home wasn't the most pleasant, since it was about 2.5 hours after their bedtime ... but we're working on catching up on their sleep.

Oh, and woot for me: Even though I haven't been using the treadmill every day, I have been exercising each day this week. I've exercised over 120 minutes this week. Go me! (Maybe it'll make a dent, even with all the snacking and ice cream I've had this week. :S)

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N & K Caulder said...

Good for you for staying with exercising! That is the hardest thing about it; making a habit of it. Keep it up!

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