Monday, July 09, 2007

Here's where I get insanely candid.

So, I now have a goal as far as my body goes.

I'm just a little bit fat. According to the BMI charts, I'm just over the line (by two-tenths) into obese.

I'd like to, for the sakes of my family, my health and my vanity, get my BMI down into the normal range. To do that, I need to lose 31 pounds. I *could* (technically) lose up to about 70 pounds ... but since I find losing weight (and just the act of getting motivated enough to get off my lazy duff and actually, I don't know, EXERCISE) a challenge, I'm going to use the smaller numbers for now. Especially since I haven't seen myself weigh that little (in comparison to what I weigh now, thankyouverymuch) in about, oh, FIVE YEARS.

This weekend, as Michael helped T2 move, she called me and asked if we'd like a used treadmill.
Since I've been hoping that having a treadmill in the house would be motivation, I jumped on the chance. My only question was "Does it work?" THAT's how eager I was.

It takes up some of our precious room. The kids like to climb on it. (In fact, Bruise, sporting another bump and bruise from this weekend -- fell off of a chair onto the corner of his toybox -- was sitting on it this morning, reading C is for Coco.) Michael's used it a couple of times.

This morning (not even ten minutes ago) was my turn. I re-plugged it in (thanks, kidlets), turned on my iPod, and let loose.
17 minutes later, after completing one mile, burning about 100 calories, sweating like a pig, I stopped.

And even though I HATE being sweaty and feeling my boobs and butt a-bouncing as I walk/jog, I felt GOOD. I'm one mile towards my goal.

And, thanks to my iPod, I had an excellent workout soundtrack. I only got through a few songs, but they were good ones:
"Surf Wax America" - Weezer
"Body Movin'" - Beastie Boys
"Smile" - Lily Allen (Yes, it does drop an F-bomb. My bad. It's not very well-edited.)
"Suddenly I See" - KT Tunstall
"Rock You Like a Hurricane" - The Scorpions

However, I also discovered today, while trying to fill in my statistics for the Glamour Body challenge ... I can only do, like, FIVE modified push-ups. And my crunches are PITIFUL.

So, while I'm using my treadmill for my cardio (so I don't have to be all self-conscious as I try to load up kids for a jog OUTSIDE, HEAVENS FORBID!! Where people might LOOK at ME and my blubbers a-bouncin!!!), I can work on a little strength training and (ESPECIALLY) toning.

So, maybe in about two years when I have my (cue: hyperventilating) 10 year high school reunion, I won't be quite like I am right now. Hopefully I will be MUCH better.

And, I feel the need to be. Even though I have a great husband and a wonderful family ... but the CHEERLEADER is getting married. Even though I'm a college graduate (and I somehow managed to graduate with honors ... and I didn't mean to, since I didn't really realize that it was tied in with grades ... and I'm not trying to brag. I just like getting good grades. REALLY good grades. It's how I was raised.), I just don't feel that I can compete with a really popular girl who teaches dance for a living and is getting married.

I should be ashamed of the Nerdfighter that I am. A true Nerdfighter would embrace the fact that she wasn't all popular and svelte her whole life. She would rejoice in the fact that she reads. A LOT. And that Joshilyn Jackson (JOSHILYN JACKSON!!) replied to an email. And ERIC D. SNIDER(!!!!) referred to her as "devoted reader Allanna," because THAT, there, is FAME. Because he is amazing. And has responded to multiple emails from her (which makes me, I mean HER, squeeee with excitement). AND Joshilyn Jackson forwarded this Nerdfighter's compliments to Shanna Swendson, who was happy to hear them!

I mean, what's not to be thrilled about about this girl?

But, you know, I always manage to find something. Like now -- I'm a little bit fat, don't fit into my jeans from high school, and I have clutter around and still have boxes in the front room of our house.

STILL, I'm working on these things. I've lost a little weight since being pregnant. I make more healthy choices as I eat -- even though I do NOT cut out treats. I MUST have my ice cream. And I start to eat less of it when I have it. Sometimes. ^_^
I'm trying the FLYlady stuff again. I'm not good at wearing shoes or getting a shower first thing ... but I can get better.

And, you know, I'm determined to get better at spiritual things. I really rather suck at reading my scriptures. I get a daily email from Read the Scriptures with my daily reading. And I SKIM IT. *Gah!!*
Sure, I pray. With the kiddos or with Michael. I need to work on MY relationship with my Heavenly Father.
I also need to get in the habit of having Family Home Evening. Since we've got the munchkins, I think I'm going to start using the Nursery manual (since I can access it online. Since I'm all FRUGAL like that) for the lessons.
Since the kiddos are still pretty pre-verbal (but Bucket is TRYING!!!), I can't assign them prayers or songs ... and I need to expose them to the Children's Hymns more. And the regular hymns. (Hmmm. I think 90% of those are available online. I LOVE the Church's website!)

Well, I should sweep, mop, vacuum, finish up the laundry, prepare for my (maybe last, who knows?) Webelos meeting, get ready for FHE and the Great-grandfolks (the kiddos great-grandparents, not mine. Mine have all ... um ... left this mortal coil, per se.), read a library book, watch The Maltese Falcon (since I fell asleep for most of it. Gah!!), and clear the clutter from my desk and the kitchen counter-thing.
Oh, and get a shower, too.
Among other little tasks I'd like to complete. Just so I feel all productive and crap.

So, I'd better, like, shut up and get to work. Just maybe. ^_^

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