Monday, July 16, 2007

I took another quiz. Are we surprised by the results?

Which HP Kid Are You?

Not one bit. :P

And, I finally wrote my bishop about the I'm-sorta-in-a-calling-but-not-since-it's-in-the-other-ward ...
And I'm not in that calling anymore. At least for now.

I should be cleaning the house (read: mostly folding loads of laundry), but (as you can tell) I'm not.

I am trying to get through my massive stack of library books. I'm doing well. Finished three in the last three days. (Note to self: I really suck at keeping my "books I've read lately" widget updated. Oh well.)

The kids are supposed to be napping, but Bucket's screaming for some reason. I should go in (and, I'm guessing, change her diaper) so she can sleep. And I can get stuff done.

Oh, and I did my mile today. I'm down a pound. (Yeah, kinda daunting that I've jogged/walked nearly six miles last week and ALL I've lost is ONE pound. Sigh.) But that just leaves me 30 pounds to go until I reach my goal.

Oh, and I've been doing some crunches. Maybe I can get rid of my mummy-tummy *rolls eyes* We'll see.

(And the whole plan of getting to my weight-loss goal by Christmas ... well, that's dependent upon me losing TWO pounds per week. So ... maybe by my birthday. *deep, irritated sigh*)

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