Friday, July 13, 2007

Back on the wagon treadmill

Worship me, y'all!!

After taking a day off (due to summertime-induced laziness), I got back on the treadmill. At first I was all, "Maybe I'll do a half-mile ... I didn't run yesterday. And the day before that, I only did .85 miles ... A half-mile would be good. Right?"

WRONG!!! A half-mile would excuse my laziness and, perhaps, let me off the hook of having a GOAL (that goal being a loss of squishy-bum-osity and jiggly-thigh-ness). And, for my vain nature, it's a rather important goal. (Aside: especially seeing as how my breakfast this morning was two packages of fruit snacks ... and a couple slices of nectarine. Gotta work on that being the OTHER way around...)

So, yeah. I did my mile. Drank a little water. Got a shower. I feel all lady-ish again, seeing as how I took the time to shave my legs (Note: Normally, I'm a COMPULSIVE leg-shaver ... this week's been, um, not-so-normal. But I'm back to normal. Phew! Since I was being driven crazy by the, um, unnatural tactile-icity of my legs the last two days.)

TANGENT: I'm so glad that Hok didn't go home from SYTYCD. I heart Hok. But there are a LOT of really good dancers this season. Pasha's really cool. I hope Lacey continues to do well, since she is the lone Latter-Day Saint this season (But Sabra's from Utah, so it's possible ...). Last season there were, like, THREE FOUR (Benji, Heidi, Jaymz, and that girl that went to prom with him ... Um ...Allison. I'm pretty sure that's the one.)!!

Okay, could I use any MORE ellipses or parenthetical remarks?? This is getting crazy.

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