Monday, February 20, 2012

Lack of a clever title is just icing on the cake

So, had myself a good little sobfest in the shower.
But, hey, I sure smell a lot nicer.

I can't tell which way BabyGirl is facing. No freaking clue.

The kids have all but one page of their homework done. So that's a nice thing.

I have a load in the dishwasher. I need to see if the bathmats are (FINALLY) dry.

My waking up so early is catching up with me.

My doctor had me call her office and redo my appointment. I didn't need to see Dr. C, since I just saw her last week. But, the appointment is still having me go in on Friday ... And, when we talked about the appointment, it had sounded like she wanted to move it up in the week. So, yeah ... we'll see. Whatever. Either I go in on Friday ... or I go in earlier. (Hopefully no earlier than tomorrow, once Mom is up and the kids are at school. This way, if they want to keep me, Mom can drive home ... to our place, that is, and get the kids from school or whatever.) We'll see.

And, since I was up before 5 AM today ... it's starting to catch up to me.
Between the crazy hormonal insanity and my not being able to sleep as much ... Yeah, I am ready for a nap.
Maybe I'm just so irritable/emotional because I'm this tired ... or I'm this tired because I'm so irritable/emotional. Hard to tell. Whatever.

I wish that Michael didn't have these late nights ... But I can't control it.
I can't control, like, ANYTHING right now. Major suckage.
Especially since I like to be RESPONSIBLE and HAVE PLANS ... so I get my stupid expectations up that I'll go in, have an external version, be induced, have baby, ????, PROFIT!
(Okay, not really. But I'm a geek. Humor me by tittering at my geek humor.)
But, yeah ... Expectations?
Or, at least, they just aren't met.

Whatever. At this point, I don't know that I care ... unless I think about it.
So I'm just going to ignore and thrust it into the Lord's hands ... HE can deal with it. I'm DONE.
I just hope that He's not needing me to have major surgery so that I can learn some VERY IMPORTANT LESSON ... Since, isn't that why we get trials anyways? Since we're not learning something that we NEED TO LEARN on our own.

So, if I can just learn things well from OTHER PEOPLE'S experiences ... and apply all of that to MY LIFE, I won't be needing all these trials, right?

I will be obedient. I will maintain faith. I will TRY to have patience (Though, really, it's easier when you don't have littles to take care of, if I'm going to be in and out of appointments. Just sayin').

I will be TIRED.

And I'm still missing my metatarsals. I haven't seen them, really, since mid-January.
They never call. They never write. I hope they're having a good time, wherever they ran off to... *sigh*

Okay ... the kids are content watching a movie. I think I'm going to go lie down and read/nap.
After I check the laundry.

I think I'm ready for Monday to be over. Just a little. Maybe since I've been up for about five hours ... that would explain why it feels so long already. *sigh*

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