Friday, February 10, 2012

Turn, turn, turn ...

So, at my OB appointment on Wednesday, we found that BabyGirl was breech.

Her head was wedged under my left rib ... which does explain how awful my heartburn has been.
And we scheduled an external version for the next morning ... so I can (hopefully) continue my streak of births without surgical assistance.

(Also, I had about the worst night. Let's just say that, around midnight, my body decided that EVERYTHING IN MY SYSTEM NEEDED OUT. STAT!!! ... It was ... HORRIFIC.)

So, I had a priesthood blessing and I let my friends know via Facebook that I'd appreciate prayers/good thoughts for Miss Girl to turn AND STAY TURNED.
I also spent about an hour on a Yoga/Birthing Ball while Michael and I watched Contagion.

I drove myself to the hospital the next morning (Mom was getting the kids onto the bus), got admitted, got in my room, gowned up (starkers underneath ... nope, I don't think I have any pride left at this point), and got my IV in.
My OB and another from their practice (I like them both) got there, got out the ultrasound machine to see where they'd need to turn this fetus, ... and found that SHE WAS HEAD DOWN.

So, they took out the IV, I got dressed again, and went home.
Seriously, I was out of there within about an hour of check in. It was kind of hilarious.

And I think that BabyGirl has dropped since she turned. Which, well, should help her STAY head-down.

And I haven't gone into labor ... so I was able to make it to the kids' school's Science Night last night.
AND I made it to Bruise's assembly (he was one of the students of the month at school).
I was going to be MAJORLY PISSED if I missed EITHER of those.

Oh, also? According to the ultrasound on Wednesday, BabyGirl is estimated to be ALMOST eight pounds (a couple ounces shy). Since Bruise was JUST over six pounds and Bucket was five pounds, three ounces ... well, this is going to be very different.

And I've been warned that, JUST IN CASE, if my water breaks, HIE ME to the hospital. This way if BabyGirl ISN'T still head-down, they have one last chance to turn her.
My doctor warned me, "Don't stay and labor at home."
Me: Why would I do THAT? If I come to the hospital, you'll give me DRUGS. I won't get drugs at home. It's not like I'm going to get a medal or anything. I'll come to the hospital. BRING ON THE FENTANYL!

Yeah, I don't think she has to worry about me staying at home to labor. At least not until I KNOW I'm in labor. And especially not if my water breaks.

Oh, I also got a gorgeous color picture from my OB's office ... of my kidney stone. It was completely Calcium Phosphate. 12 mg. 2x3x2mm
Yeah, I never actually saw it in person, myself. I could hear it clinking in the little jar when my nurse shook the jar, though. But, hey ... Facebook fodder at its finest, right? :P

Also, at Science Night (sorry for jumping around so much), Bruise and Michael got to ride on a Segway. Bruise almost crashed into the walls a couple times (he's so light that it's hard to control the Segway). Michael, though, made it look pretty effortless.

I got to chat with the principal, which was nice. I like her. I like the kids' school a lot.
(THERE WAS A SCIENCE EXHIBIT WITH LIQUID NITROGEN!!!!! ... Yes, I did geek out a little. I'm sorry, but earlier yesterday I watched a video of a NEW fondue thing -- you take fresh berries and cream and dip them into liquid nitrogen. DO WANT. SO MUCH.)

I also got to chat with the mom of one of the kids' friends. We adore their family. We met at their son's birthday party. They're really, really awesome. And, it so happens, that she and I blogstalk each other (since we're friends on Facebook ... and have both listed our blogs in our info ... heh. So, yeah, it's fun.)

I got to BRIEFLY exchange pleasantries with the kids' teacher today at the assembly. We had seen each other at Science Night ... but only at a distance. Which was a little sad. Since I like their teacher a lot, too.

Today, while Michael (who COULDN'T make it to the assembly ... too much work that NEEDED to get done. But it was okay. Mom, Julie, Mom C, Grandma C, and I were all there) took Bruise out to celebrate his getting Student of the Month, Bucket and I stayed at the house and I painted her toes and we started watching The Sound of Music.  Good times.

Well, I am READY for a nap. So I'm going to close up.

And, in other news, my cousin saw on Facebook that I had gone to the hospital. But she obviously hadn't checked out the rest of the comments (since I was OUT of the hospital so quickly) ... and she told Nana that I was in the hospital. So Nana called my Dad and Dad called me.
I told Dad to have Nana call my OTHER cousin (my first-cousin once-removed who's on Facebook a LOT more often) for the most up-to-date news.  ... So, yeah, that was interesting.

Bruise and Bucket were playing Legos. Bucket got (Bruise picked it out) a set of the new girl Legos (the one with the little robot. Since the girl's hair is the most like hers). She loves it.

Bucket declared that Olivia (Lego Girl) and Boba Fett were going out to eat a ham and cheese sandwich for dinner.

Bruise: No. She can't go out with him. He's bad. He's always been bad.
Bucket: He's NICE now!!!!!!!

Then she stormed off to her room.

Oh my ... As Michael pointed out, this is the conversation that will happen AGAIN in about a decade.
Oh my.

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