Monday, February 06, 2012

Just some whining ...

So, I have clothes to fold ... and baby clothes in the washer and dryer to fold and put away.

I still have heartburn. I think that my body's adapted to fake Zantac. Might be time to buy some fake Prilosec.

But, hey, at least that pesky yeast infection is GONE, GONE, GONE.

I'm farther along than I've ever been. People at church remark on how large my stomach is ... which is true.
(I don't think ANY of them ever saw me pregnant with twins ... so, though I FEEL huge, I'm actually a lot smaller than I was last time.)

Still can't find my nursing tops ... And I am not really seeing any cute/practical ones that I'm willing to drop any money on. Oh well. No huge deal. I'll get over it.

I finished another book ... That's good.
I'm tired.
And the house doesn't feel so home-y without Michael here.
Just, what, four more hours to get through. I can do it.
I should put clothes away and fold other clothes and get BabyGirl's clothes all settled.
This way I'll have one less thing to do. And I need to do dishes and clean the kitchen.
And my desk.
And mail off a couple of snail-mail letters.

Mostly, though, I just want to hibernate. Not like that's an option. At all.

Oh well ... the kids'll have homework tomorrow. And I'll get the house cleaner. And buy a birthday prezzie for my aunt. And maybe run downtown and look at a resale store or two ... just to see if there's anything I CAN'T live without. (I bought a little purple dress for this girl. Not that she really NEEDS anymore clothes. ... Well, maybe tights. Maybe.)
And I'll set up appointments for waxing and a pedicure. Maybe for the 17th. We'll see.

But, yeah ... If I weren't responsible for taking care of the house right now, I'd just go take a bath and go to bed and hope that this stupid heartburn would just GO. THE. FLIP. AWAY.

Oh well. I'll live. And I just have to get through one more lonely day. Then we get a little busy -- Mom'll be up. I have an OB appointment. Then a school activity. Then an assembly and my aunt's birthday. ... Michael'll have a LONG morning meeting on Saturday ... but he'll be home for most of the day. So that'll be good.

Oh, hell. I just realized that (1) I'm not at all prepared for Valentine's Day (i.e., we need to buy Valentines for the kids to pass out to their classmates) and (2) Michael has class that night. So, I'll see him about the time that I'm curled up and tired. Ugh. ... Then Mom'll be up the next day and I have another OB appointment ... and most of the rest of the week is free. There's some Performing Arts thing for the kids on Saturday. Maybe we'll run into the next town and see if there's a diaper bag that I NEED (I hope so!).

Oh well ... time to make dinner, load the dishwasher, unload the dryer, put away bunches of clothes and wash clothes for those of us NOT in utero. *sigh*

Two hours until the kids are in bed. I can do this. I can.

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★ThE mAd HaTTeR★ said...

If I still lived down there, I would TOTALLY come over and help you fold laundry! I love folding laundry :) Yes, I am pretty strange!

You're close to the finish line, then no more heartburn! Woohoo!!! Drink lots and lots of water until then. Thats my only advice and its probably not very good.

Take care of yourself! Baths and pedicures are in your future! Fun! :D

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