Sunday, February 05, 2012

Random bunch of brain dumpage

First things first, it's really awesome that the boy that we've been praying for and worrying about (in my case) is doing remarkably well. (When his doctors and nurses say something is miraculous, you know they're impressed.)
His lungs are still a little weak, but he's doing so much better. Which is QUITE a relief.

Michael and I went through the shop and brought in some boxes of baby clothes ... which I need to go through and organize. But BabyGirl will have clothes.
Still can't find ANY of my nursing things (garment tops and a few shirts. Oops ... I really have no idea where they could be. I sure hope I didn't somehow donate them). But, even if that's the case, I have some bras that are usable for nursing bras (until I order some CUTE ones, once I know how my ribcage and bewbs are going to even out ... since I plan on using a bengkung to try and regain my pre-preg body a little sooner, there's a chance that I might have some changes in band and cup size. It'd suck to order cute bras and then have them NOT fit. Just sayin' ... Especially since I plan on nursing for around two years) ... and I have a back-up plan for nursing tops (get some close-fitting undershirts. Cut slits in the sides. Wear them under regular shirts. VOILA! Instant nursing top!).

We got the kiddos' "Mitten Adventure" done up ... photos and a story. Their (paper) mittens went to work and a park with Michael. Then grocery shopping with us. Then to a children's museum.

Got thank-you notes written to most family. Phew! Now to have the kids sign two of them and snail-mail those.

Decided to get a Shellac pedicure sometime in the next couple of weeks.
I should also set up a last pregnant waxing.
Which will be nicer since I no longer am irritated-as-flip in my undercarriage. (Yay for modern pharmaceutics!)

I'm having lots of Braxton-Hicks ... which can be ... interesting. As we were walking around the children's museum yesterday, I had to stop. OFTEN. And sit down.
It didn't help that I should have brought a water bottle. Or ten.

I have BabyGirl's sleep-area pretty much set up. She will need more storage for clothes at some point ... but I did buy ONE little plastic three-drawer dresser-thing. Which, when she gets a REAL ROOM with space for a REAL DRESSER, we can use it for toys or storage or whatever.
And I bought more baby-sized hangers. And my bag for the hospital (or overnight trips).

I still haven't bought a diaper bag. But I found the one that I want. If it's not at a local shop, I can get it from ... for now. But I don't know that it'll arrive before BabyGirl does. :S

I've been reading a lot. Getting through books while I still have the chance. It's been a little since I've been reading this much this fast ... Just a couple more new books that I NEED to read ... (especially since I've been asked to lend one out ... and I haven't started that one. Since I'm saving it a little. Oops.)

I know that more stuff than that has happened ... but I'm tired and I have less than 50 pages to finish Joshilyn Jackson's latest book. And I WANT to finish it. Then I'll read John Green's latest. ... When I'm not setting up appointments, Visiting Teaching, browsing at resale stores, going to OB appointments, buying a present for my aunt's birthday, or attending an assembly or Family Science night ... those are ALL things that will be happening this week.

I'm starting to get uncomfortable (starting? Ha ... I AM rather uncomfortable) ... but I don't know if I'm really ready for BabyGirl to get here. There's still things I need to do ... Ugh. I never feel ready.
And, I know it's dumb ... but it shows what a control freak I can be ... but I really wish that I knew in advance at least WHICH DAY to expect her arrival. So I could be sure to plan accordingly.
I don't want to schedule a pedicure for a time that I can't make it ... and I want my toes to be pretty WHILE I'm at the hospital. ... I kinda want to get a haircut, too ... but I don't know what style. And my hairdressing-maven Bri is crazy-busy with her own pregnancy, college schedule, and social life. So ... it's just something that's on the back burner for now. ... And has been since mid-December. Oh well.

In other news, my husband made churros tonight.
There's yet another reason to keep him around forever. Never underestimate the importance of a good pastry.

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