Saturday, February 11, 2012

Prayer for the win!

So, as Michael was going to make a run to the store (we're THISCLOSE to being out of milk. And we can't go shopping on the SABBATH!! ... You might. We try not to. It's all cool.), the van didn't start.

So, I saw him still out there, with the other outside light on ... I asked what was going on.
And, well, the van needed a jump and he needed my keys.

No big.
So I get them.

And I hop in the van ... and, even hooked up to the truck ... even REVVING the truck, it was NOT STARTING AT ALL.

It was dead.


So, Michael runs into the house to see if he can get his volt meter (He didn't find it. It's probably in the shop.) ... and I take the opportunity to say a quick prayer.
(Why not? I mean these last couple weeks, prayer's been a BIG THING. The boy in our ward who was in the Willamette for an hour? He's back home. He's not TOTALLY, COMPLETELY back to normal ... but that's a darn sight better than having no heartbeat and being in the ICU. Also, BabyGirl flipped when I needed her to. That was a NICE thing. Saved me some pain. And some time, too. And a whole lot of worrying was averted. ... So, might as well go with what's been working, right??)

So, Michael revs the truck, I turn the key .... IGNITION!!

Yeah. It's REALLY, TOTALLY, AWESOMELY GREAT when prayer is answered.
And it was just bonus that it was answered IMMEDIATELY in this case.

But, yeah. I like prayer. It makes me happy.
Thought I'd share that.

Counting ...

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