Sunday, February 19, 2012

Musings ...

  • Whenever I feel BabyGirl's toes in my pelvis, I want to cry.
  • But I hate crying.
  • The bathroom is cleaner.
  • I washed off the kids' shoes ... they were rather mud-caked from playing in the backyard at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
  • I've decided that if we ever have a muddy yard, I'm buying a metric ton of bark mulch.
    Or sod. Lots of sod. 
  • Especially if we have nice carpets inside the house. Like Mom C does.
  • The bathroom's cleaner. Not at all perfect, but there's improvement happening.
  • Poor Freyja-cat didn't have any water. So I gave her some and she chirruped at me.
    "You're welcome," I told her. And we were both happy.
  • Also, last night, she was on the counter, observing the fishies in their tank. It was pretty adorable.
  • The kids ask why we don't have a dog. (Their grandparents and great-grandma got a dog. So did their cousins' family. We did not.) I told them it's because (1) we don't have a yard suitable for a dog and (2) after all the cleaning up I do after THEM, I'm too tired to clean up after a dog.
    They claimed that THEY'D take care of the dog. Forgive my skepticism. We have a cat and a hedgehog and fish that they need reminders to help with.
    -I give Freyja water most times. I get Bruise to get her food. Michael, for now, cleans the catbox, since I'm pregnant.
    - Bucket feeds her fish (unless she's not here. Then Michael or I do it). We clean the tank. Well, now Iggy, the suckerfish, cleans the tank. Between him and the filter, it's pretty self-sufficient.
    - Bucket and I feed Sari-Jasmine, the hedgehog. I clean the cage and give Sari her bath. And clip her nails as needed. (Yes, I clip animals' nails. Even Freyja-cat's. Freyja is a LOT easier to do than Sari. Sari ... I have to do it by grabbing one paw while she's in her bath. I can get Freyja's while we cuddle on the bed. Or in a chair. Freyja does not try to curl up in a ball. And she's never bitten anyone in this house. ... Sari ONCE took a nibble of Michael. Can't say that I blame her. ... But, hey, that might be TMI. :P)
    - Therefore, with all of that going on, I do not have the time or energy, especially with a new baby imminent, to take care of a dog. Dogs are not cats. Cats are, generally, self-sufficient. Dogs are like another child. Fish are easy. ... Our hedgehog? She'd benefit from more socialization ... but she seems okay. Dogs ... are harder. And they needs MORE BATHS.
    I've bathed Freyja maybe once or twice in the year we've had her (Can it BE that long? It doesn't seem like it). She's less allergenic than Diana or Ginger. I bathe Sari once ever week or two. I don't bathe the fish. Dogs need more baths. And socialization. And pooper-scoopers. ... And, as much as I'm WILD about the IDEA of loyalty and all ... I'm just not ready to do that. Maybe when the kids are leaving the house. Or when we have acreage ... or at least, a LARGER, FENCED-IN yard. Maybe then.
  • I just wish that BabyGirl would turn and stay vertex. And that I don't make a mess when my water breaks. And that everything works out. I really don't want surgery. I can handle a few stitches. But I am not ready to sign up for major surgery right now.
  • And, saying all that, one of my friends had an emergency C-section at about 30 weeks. She has HELLP. Her little boy (her second) is doing well. Not even three pounds yet ... but doing well. She's not feeling very good. So, yeah, that gives me perspective. And it makes me sad that crap things happen to MY people. If it were up to me, MY PEOPLE (friends and family) would always have nice things occur and make decisions that others look up to ... that sort of thing. There wouldn't be abuse or crap decisions or crap ANYTHING.
    But, well, they wouldn't have the learning opportunities that they DO have. So, that's probably why I am not the benevolent dictator of the world. ... As great of a benevolent dictator that I might be. :P
  • As I look over at Miss Freyja, napping in the chair next to me, I kind of wish that I was a cat right now. Lots of naps, free massages, people coo at and play with you ... Sure, the food stinks (literally) ... but that might be a decent trade-off. But, then again, a lot of cats are lactose-intolerant ... so I don't think I'd be a very good cat. I'd be a smelly cat. And then people wouldn't like me as much. And that'd suck.
  • But, hey, I touched bases with all my Visiting Teaching sisters this month. That's something good. 
  • If only my house were clean and organized. I'm getting some SPURTS of motivation ... but not enough to actually get EVERYTHING done.
    As much as I want to pull an Allie Brosh and "CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!", well, it's NOT going to happen.
  • I need a shower. So I'm going to finish this load of random crap brain-dumping.

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