Wednesday, March 23, 2011

BAD COMPANY - Login4Speed

I was contacted AGAIN, despite being registered on the Do Not Call list by this company.

When I was last contacted, about two weeks ago, I asked REPEATEDLY to have our number removed from this company's phone list. We didn't want to be contacted by them. EVER.

Which brings us to today.

Part of this phone call had Austin, a representative of this company, tell me POINT BLANK,


Sooooooooo ... Here's their info, so if they call, you KNOW how they do business (i.e., cold calls, disregarding of the DNC registry, basic harassment, and ignoring people's requests for being removed from their contact lists.).

Login4Speed, Global Computer Technical Center
257 Albany Road
New York City, NY
(689-) 522-8266


I'll admit that my behavior is not getting any better in dealing with them.
After telling them to remove my name and number from their list, that I'm NOT AT ALL interested in hearing back from them again EVER, I hung up on them. (As opposed to when I demanded their address and telephone number LAST time and the guy HUNG UP ON ME.)

I can make excuses that I'm REALLY VERY FRUSTRATED with Login4Speed. But, truly, my poor etiquette is not excusable. But, really ... I've reported them to the Do Not Call Registry and will be submitting a complaint to our state's Attorney General.

Now, really, my heart is still racing and I'm CRAZY IRRITATED at Login4Speed.

In short, Login4Speed KEEPS CALLING. They REFUSE to remove us from their list. I don't EVER remember doing ANY business with them.

They suck. Login4Speed sucks. A LOT.

And, really, I'm entitled to this opinion until they prove themselves otherwise.


UPDATE (11:16 AM):

Looking online: ...
This is a website of scammers.

Now, honestly, I feel a little less guilty for acting like a heinous witch to the guys that KEEP PHONING ME.
I know that their stuff isn't legit. Now I know it's COMPLETELY NOT LEGIT AT ALL.

Still, I should be the better person. And keep my head. And stop my pulse racing. Ugh.

However, if it weren't a bit illegal, I'd totally do a literal whistleblow into the phone next time.
Maybe that'd "learn 'em." Grrrrrrr.

*sigh* But, really, I'm ready to see if I can get the Feds involved.
Why do these dummies keep trying to mess with a woman who (1) can think and (2) knows her way around the intertubes? Really?


lacy said...

i know how you feel i had this one company calling me 4-5 A DAY for 2 weeks srtaight. mark even got on and told them to stop i had to call them back before they even stoped calling me

lambie said...

I reported them to the FTC for being scammers. They called to say my computer had been hijacked and they needed to remote access to fix the problem or else our computer would be shut down. Scum degenerates!

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