Friday, March 25, 2011

Little Things

Yesterday, Mom watched the kids so I could donate blood.

I almost passed out when the bag was ALMOST full. Oops. But I got through it and felt better after my head was down, my feet were raised, and I had that lovely, lovely cold rag on my forehead.

I also finally got the dress Mom and I ordered for my birthday in the mail (Returned. I can wear a size large shirt in that line. However, the XXL dress? Didn't fit in the chest. SO TIGHT. As in my chest area [yeah, THAT area] would ache after I tried it on. What gives??).

As we (kids and I) drove home, I smelled something AWFUL ... like burning rubber. And I kept smelling it. And I started to get a little freaked out.
It was the car a few cars ahead of us (then directly ahead of us), burning oil. PHEW!!
There might have been some heart palpitations followed by semi-maniacal, relieved laughter. Maybe.

The kids and I had talked about accidents (like traffic accidents). Then we talked about accidents in your pants. ... which lead to Bruise telling me that, if people noticed, they might say, "Who did that?? Something stinks!!" ... Which had us all laughing all the way to the post office.

Last week, Bucket was pinching my upper arm while I was talking to Mom C.
Me: Stop that. Stop playing with my fat.
Bucket: That's not your fat. I'm playing with your skinny.

Heh heh heh. If only it were, munchkin. If only.

Bucket's also been carrying around poor Freyja, like a baby. Freyja puts up with it patiently ... then runs and hides at the first opportunity. Can't blame her. But she is a really patient and sweet cat. And she snuggles with me. ^_^

I've been practically LIVING in the sweater I bought last week. It's just the right weight, soft enough ... Yup. If I had more money, I'd buy a lot more cardigans. (If only this one had buttons. Not a big deal, though.)

Today, we made a quick run to the local library. I picked up their Joe Hill books (I read Heart-Shaped Box back when it was a new book, and enjoyed it. Michael's going to read it. And I'll read the other books: 20th Century Ghosts and Horns.)

I haven't heard back from any telemarketers ... and Michael's told me that my lack of etiquette was not an egregious sin. And that he'd have supported my blowing a whistle in that guy's ear.
It's not legal here ... but, really, since it's ported in from a call-center in India ...
But I really don't know. If I do something HERE, in a country where it's illegal, TO someone in a country where it may or may not be ... Yeah, I don't want a criminal record.

Though, really, there is a free app of an air horn. I don't know if THAT is, per se, illegal. It's a thought.
Or I just either hang up on them ... OR pick up and waste their time. See how long they'll stay on the line.
OR, I can be like Captain Moroni ... and tell them that they're part of a scam, they're better than that. That it'd suck for them to get arrested/fined/or just lose their job when their company's shut down. That they're being a jerk by scamming money from people's grandmothers and gullible people ... and that they're really better than that. And that they should quit now and get a better, ethical job. Or I'll have to keep reporting them again and again and again. Because I will keep doing it. Besides, to they really WANT to be reincarnated as a cockroach or a tapeworm, really???

Because, really, I don't WANT them to be jerkheads ... but if they continue? ... THEY ARE GOING DOWN. Because being a scammer is NOT ETHICAL. And it's ILLEGAL.
Just sayin'.

Yes, Allanna - Ethical Vigilante. I'm not quite Batman.
More like slightly-insane-internet-addict-girl-who-wears-sweaters-and-loves-sugar-and-cheese-and-bread-and-mashed-potatoes And cats. And books.

Just doesn't really roll off the tongue so well.

But, yeah ... that's most of what all's gone on.
Dad and L got a new (to them) car. That's kinda exciting. They might come visit next week ... so I'll get to see it. ^_^ My VT companion is due any day, so that's exciting. I have get to teach Relief Society on Sunday *gulp!* ... General Conference is the next weekend. Michael'll take his BIG TEST (please pray!). Then it's my birthday (really, the day AFTER his big test = my birthday) and we'll go out to dinner. And I'll order something I KNOW I'll like. ^_^

Sooooo ... what's new in your neck of the woods?


Hilary said...

So did you mean to cross out the last few lines of your blog?! Because I *WAS* going to tell you what was happening in my neck of the woods, but apparently you don't want to know that now! :-P

Allanna said...

Oh, blast it!!

Okay, it's fixed. *sigh*
THIS is why I should preview before I post, huh? :P

As you were saying, since I DO want to know, what's new with you? ^_^

Hilary said...

Well now you'll just have to read *MY* blog! :-P

Counting ...

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