Thursday, March 10, 2011

The last few days ...

... have been overall good.

I have a kitty again. My mom even remarked on how much happier I am since Freyja joined our family. And that was just after seeing me for a couple hours.

I keep finding myself getting irritated with Bucket. She has this habit -- she LOVES to scare people. I've told her, like in Superfudge, "The first time is funny, the second time is silly, the third time is a spanking."
Of course, I don't spank the kids very often. Time-outs are where it's at. That and glaring disapproval with a heaping side of guilt/disappointment. That's how I roll. All gangsteerrrrrr, baby.

We got Freyja a scratching ... It's not a POST, per se. It hangs from the door handle. And she uses it. She's my good girl. The only behavior thing to deal with is that she jumps up on the counters and the table.
But, really? I can handle that. I was a little proud of her for stealing a meatball off the stove (they were cool, no worries).

Yesterday was mostly awesome. Mom came up, I ran by the Humane Society and picked up the paperwork that I didn't have (and needed for Freyja's vet appointment tomorrow), and volunteered.
The parking lot at the library was PACKED. And, so, my van now has a scrape on the back bumper. Someone left a note. From the note, it appears that the other car didn't leave a note on their own. This one just had the license plate number and the fact that the car with this plate scraped my car.

The bumper is plastic, so I don't really think I care. I showed it to Michael when he got home. He shrugged it off. So no real big deal.

The other bummer is that it appears that Freyja has worms. I mentioned before that her hindquarters are shaved (and the fur is growing back in). She was walking on my desk and put her bum quite near my face (Charming, no? Why do cats think that we like that? I don't. And I LOVE cats. I mean, I love them. I don't LOVE-love them. That'd be gross. ... And not possible. ... Would it? ... NOT THINKING ABOUT IT. IF IT IS, I DON'T WANT TO KNOW!!).
BUT, as I was saying, with her butt RIGHT THERE, I noticed a little white thing.
"Huh," I thought to myself, "Did she eat a ribbon? How odd."


But, yeah. The vet appointment is tomorrow, so it's all good. I just have told the kids to make sure to wash their hands after petting Freyja and before they eat or touch anybody or touch their faces or look at anything ...
(Though, really, maybe having a tapeworm would be the way to lose some weight. Hmmmm. ... Ew. Can't do it. Too gross for me.)

We got Chinese food. Took advantage of the coupons for the free "Golden Treasure Shrimp" ... I printed out two of them. Good thing. Since the portions were in the tiny, tiny purple boxes at Panda Express. But it was pretty good. Kinda like the Orange Chicken ... but more like a tangier, lemony-citrus sauce with red and green peppers in it. Not bad. If I REALLY liked shrimp, I might order it. (I usually stick to some chicken dish and Broccoli Beef. Yummmmmmm.)

Today is Mom C's birthday. So we gave her a call. ... And got some good news! (No, she's not pregnant.) But I don't know if I'm allowed to share their news yet. But it's good news.

Then, before my mom headed out of town, we ran by Bath and Body Works (had a coupon for a free lip gloss with purchase of any full-size True Blue Spa product. We got the soap bar. So, with a $6.50 purchase, we got $8 lip glosses for free. Now, THAT'S how I roll.). I also chatted with the gal who works there. She is pretty sure that in May, there will be the opportunity to register for a new LUV BBW card -- the one that gets you the monthly freebies. She also told me that she didn't know what April's freebie will be, but that she hopes it's another really good one. Like January's or February's. She thought that March's should have had at least three of the little candles ... but, like I said, it's FREE. Better than nothing, right?

And it's cute that she totally recognizes us when we come in. (Mother and daughter and kiddos in tow, I suppose we do stand out a little. ^_^) It makes me feel special. (I was a little sad that when Mom and I got our swag last week that we had a different employee.)
And we swung by Sally's (Sally Beauty) and got a Tangle Teezer. It's PINK. Which is more fun than just a black one. And it works great on Bucket's hair (and mine, too. But mine's shorter, therefore I have fewer tangles in it).

CONFESSION: I hate having to ask where a product is in a store. I used to work at a store and I had to know where things were. Even the pimentos. Really.
So, when I can't find something that I KNOW that a store carries it ... it's not that it's HIDDEN; it's that I'm a personal failure. Yeah, the logic doesn't work. BUT that's how I take it.

Still, if I break down and ASK an employee where a product is ... yeah, that's a HUGE thing for me. And I asked. And there were only two left. And they weren't with the other hairbrushes. They were on an endcap. Which I walked right by. (But there were below eye level. And it's not like there was a sign. So I feel a WEEEEEEEE bit redeemed from failure-hood.)

And, about twenty minutes ago, our FedEx lady dropped by a box.
I knew it wasn't the kids' Disney Store order. That's going to my Mom's house.
And I got all the new shirts that I had ordered from Shade and DownEast Basics.
(Confession: Shirts that cover EVERYTHING that needs to be covered AND that don't ride up and show off my lack-of-washboard-abs? THEY MAKE ME HAPPY.)

But huzzah! My Purex Insider perks! Another sample!
But this one is a bottle of laundry detergent. A full size bottle!

So I'm trying it out. The big bath mats (from Costco) in the master bathroom are going to be CLEAN.
And they'll smell great, since I'm also using the fabric softener crystals, too.
(Just so you know, our laundry has been smelling pretty nice! Yay for laundry that keeps smelling clean! ... Because, really, going through all the work to get the laundry clean ... it irks me when the laundry doesn't SMELL clean as I'm putting it away. Ugh.)

Michael's and my system for dishes seems to be working out. He knows that if the dishwasher is locked, that means that I've started a load ... and that he can unload it. So, yesterday, he was all, "The dishwasher wasn't locked, so I didn't unload it. Just so you know." And I was all, "GREAT! I hadn't started that load. Perfect!"
(No sarcasm involved!)

(Isn't it sad that I had to tell you that there wasn't any sarcasm? *sigh*)

I have get to teach the RS lesson on the last Sunday. It's Elder Packer's "Cleaning the Inner Vessell" talk from November's conference. I don't think I've ever taught a Teachings for our Times lesson.
NO, it's not my new calling at church. I'm subbing. And the education counselor in Relief Society recommended me as a sub to the regular teacher. *panic!!!!!!!*

It's not that I HATE teaching ... it's just that it's a little stressful. (Especially when you procrastinate it .... Hmmmmm.)
I printed out the talk, so I can mark it all up. And I'll just hope and pray that everyone (or most people) participate so that I don't have to listen to my nervous yammering on (and on and on and on).
But, hey, as long as I pray and do my best to teach with the Spirit, I'll do okay.
And even if I do a really sucky job, I'll survive (my pride might not) ... and, if it's THAT bad, they probably won't call me to sub again. :P Ha ha ha.
(But, no, I like to do a GOOD job on things.)

I also need to make a snack for the kids' Sunday School class in two weeks (next week's Stake Conference. *sigh* TWO HOURS of trying to concentrate and keeping the kids quiet. GIVE ME STRENGTH. ... Last Stake Conference, I ended up taking Bruise out to the car where he sniffled and snuffled. Because he wanted to go home and PLAY. ... Which reminds me, I need to make sure I have a book or a magazine or a pile of catalogs out in the car. Or the DS. Or something ... so that, IF I have to sit out in the car with a sniveling, overwrought child, I have something to amuse myself.)

So, what should I take as a snack?
And what should I make for dinner tonight?
And I wonder where Freyja is hiding?

But my house smells nice from the laundry detergent and the fabric softener. ^_^

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