Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What a Weekend

So, Thursday night, we got packed up and watched Inception. Now I have really, really seen it. All of it.

This is my favorite bit:

"It was worth a shot."

Hee hee.

I also liked the "Don't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling" line.

Sunday, in Gospel Doctrine class (Sunday School), our teacher was talking about how parables let you see things from different angles. "Pretend we're on a bus. We're on a trip ...."

And I leaned into Michael and whispered, "You don't know where the bus is going ..."
And he snickered. Heh heh heh. Yup, THAT's how spiritual I am during class. (i.e., NOT AT ALL.)
If you didn't get it, here:

It's the riddle in Inception. I'd tell you more, but it'd be a spoiler.
And, yes, I did misquote it. I know.

Okay ... so jumping back ...

Friday, we woke up early. We got packed up in the van and took Michael to work. I did my makeup in the car while he drove. Even eyeliner. On I-5. Because I'm hardcore like that. Word.
While he went into the office, we took the kids to go to the bathroom. Then we hung out in the van until the shops in the complex opened. We looked for a present for Mom C, went to Borders, and I got a sweater at old Navy (for the exact price I wanted. On clearance for $12. And a pair of boots/slippers for $3. Sweet!!)
Then we got some snacks at Trader Joe's. Yum!

Then I TRIED to drive from Michael's work to The Science Factory and got horribly lost. We're talking I was in tears. And I didn't have the stupid cord for the GPS and it was out of batteries. ... So, I prayed a LOT and drove around and FINALLY got back to Michael's work. And we just chilled in the van until Michael got done with work. *sigh*

Then he drove us down to Roseburg where we went out to KFC with my Nana and cousin. Then we met up with his folks (Dad was in town for work) at McDonald's for ice cream. Then we drove down to visit with Dad and L. THEN, about the kids' regular bedtime, we got to Mom and C's. Where the kids ran amok and played until about 9 PM.
We went to bed once they were asleep. And woke up in the dead of night when Bucket woke up screaming. And then threw up all over her bedding. She even got the carpet in the bedroom. Michael took care of her while I took care of the mess she left. I was so tired and cranky and TRYING to get rid of a sleep-deprivation headache ... and I was heinous. I snapped at Michael.
And then I stayed up to change the load of laundry (since not everything fit in one load. Yeah. That's my girl. /ironical statement).

We slept in a little in the morning and my mom made us breakfast. Then I went out to the shop (storage) and Mom joined me and I have BOXES of books that came home with us. We FINALLY found the BOB Books (beginning reader series) and lots of Juvenile literature (Ramona Quimby books and lots and lots of others). Phew! now to find all my old Barbies and their clothes for Bucket, right?
I also got the smaller cat carrier, since I only have the one, small cat. I'll trade the other (twice as big one) for it when Mom comes up.

Then we headed back early so I could get Mom and me the free full-size new lotion and tote (with purchase) over at Bath and Body Works. And, wouldn't you know it, they ran out of the lotions nearly an hour into the four-hour-long promotion. *SIGH*
I was kinda pissed.
And they didn't have any of the Velvet Tuberose scent there. And that stuff smells AMAZING on my mom. Just saying.
I got one tote. If Mom wants it, she can have it. If not, Bucket can use it. It's a clear vinyl with a fuchsia floral pattern. It's cute ... but I REALLY would rather have had the new lotion. (Country Chic, if you're wondering.)
So, that was a downer.

Then, after we got home, we sent the kids to take a nap (which they really didn't do), and Michael ran out to do something.

And he came back with a Droid for me. YES, a DROID! For me!!
It's my anniversary present. Now I can be online, like, ALL THE TIME! (But I won't. Because I have SOME self-control. But it was nice to check some websites and all while the kids were at storytime today. And I do have scriptures on it. ^_^)

Brought the snack for Bruise and Bucket's class on Sunday. And I got to try out my neato phone as Scriptures at church. ... And I found that I couldn't access any WiFi networks. WEIRD.
Michael and I watched another of our edited DVDs -- Zombieland. Fun!
(My mom would hate it. One of the few things she and I differ on -- supernatural stuff. She's not into zombies or vampires. Whereas, for me? Total weakness.)
The Young Women called me into their opening exercises ... to give me a bag they'd signed. Awwww!!!!
Of course, it made me smile when this happened:
J (16, conducting the meeting): Sister Cox, could you come up to the front of the room?
M (12 or 13, sitting in the row ahead of me): OH MY GOSH, I LOVE SISTER COX!!!!!
Me: I love you, too!!!!
Yeah, our Stake President was there for that. Hee hee.

Monday, I cleaned my kitchen (AFTER I READ SCRIPTURES ON MY PHONE!!!!) and colored a friend's hair.
After Michael got back and we ate dinner (sloppy joes, if you really wanted to know), I headed over to the Verizon store so I could get the WiFi working. And ask the poor employee about a bazillion questions:

  • How come the WiFi isn't working?
    Don't put an antivirus on your phone. It removed the MAC address. Whoops. ... So that required a hard reset = losing the stuff I had on the phone. Besides the pics I had taken, which were saved to the SD card.
  • Where IS the SD card located?
    Take off the back cover and BAM! There it is!
  • How do I take off the hard cover that Michael got? (It's pretty, translucent purple plastic. But the SD card is inaccessible with it on ...)
    Use a key to pop open one side. Then it's easy to pry the rest of it open. Really, it's THAT simple.
  • I have some sound files on my old phone's SD card. They're in .qcp format. How can I listen to them?
    (Stuff like Bruise and Bucket as younger kiddos, laughing and singing songs.)
    Um ... That's harder. Maybe try the Rock Player app?
  • How do I put pictures on/take pictures off of my phone?
    Plug it into your computer with the USB cord and open the media file. It'll all be in there.
Yeah ... I felt REALLY clueless. This is a whole lot more phone than I've ever had. And the manual wasn't very forthcoming.

The Verizon guy taught me some other cool things. Like, taking out the battery (or using the Fast Reset app)about once a week will make my phone run better. I'd never have known that. And he got my WiFi to work. Which is pretty awesome.

And, really, I wasn't too surprised that I had to do a hard reset. I read on a forum that it was the only way to really do it. So I was prepared. And, really, I remembered MOST of the apps I already had installed. And, really, they're all free, so it's not like I lost anything. Besides time. And a couple of text histories. Nothing big at all.

Today, we got up, I reread the talk that I'll be teaching on Sunday (OH EM GOSH! ACK!) andthe kids picked up their room (It's not perfect by ANY means. But it's BETTER.) and I made breakfast. Then we headed out to the main branch of the library here to pick up my hold. THEN we jetted over to the Carnegie branch for storytime.
Then we came home, Bruise read to me, I made lunch, and we're hanging around before we head BACK to the library for an activity (Butterflies and building a butterfly house ... if I heard that right.. Might not have, since I was PLAYING ON MAH DROID. :P)

Oh, in other news, I totally recommend the Tangle Teezer brush. (My mom bought it for us). It's pretty awesome to be able to brush her hair without it being a huge to-do. And, really, I like using it, too. It's like a little head massage ... I've been brushing my hair a LOT lately. 

I THINK that's most everything that's gone on this weekend. All the news in fits of print, anyways.

So, yeah, just pray and hope that my lesson in Relief Society on Sunday goes well.
And, hey, if it doesn't? They probably won't ask me to teach again anytime soon, right????

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Robin said...

:( I am sad for you that you missed out on the lotion, it smells wonderful! It reminds me of Elgin (the town I lived in during high school).

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