Thursday, March 17, 2011

Revisionist History ... and other crazy dreams.

I've had such strange dreams the last few nights. I blame last night's dreams on the huge dose of Diet Pepsi with Wild Cherry flavoring. (And, really, that Diet Pepsi was goood. I REGRET NOTHING... of imbibing it.)

But, oh. So the FIRST dream that I had when I finally was able to nod off ... We were heading on some trip. From a vacation house. Michael and I were there with Mom and Dad C and some more family. And my Grampy was freaking out over the dinginess of some white towels. So Mom C was dyeing them to a light olive-y beige color with RIT dye in the washer.
Michael and I were packing up stuff so we could catch up to the rest of the family to go to Mississippi. We went to a zoo first. (I think it was the San Diego Zoo.) And Mom C called to ask where we were. And that THEY had already landed in Mississippi. And that the second flight we could get on had left an hour ago.

A few days ago (REAL LIFE here), I had another strange dream with Michael. (I knew that we were a little strapped for cash until payday. Which has NOW arrived. But before it did, Michael had to make a run to Home Depot. I'll explain why in the next post.) We were at Fred Meyer, shopping in the kids' section. And we were loading the cart with costume stuff for the kids. Like a Batman policeman outfit, princess dresses and crowns, a Nightwing cape ... And Michael had a stash of dollar bills and things to pay for everything.
And I looked at that stack, then turned incredulously to him, "You can't pay for stuff at Fred Meyer with a baggie of bath salts! They're not going to give you anything for that!!" And Michael's all self-assured, "No, it'll be fine." ... And I woke up before we went through the check-out. So maybe Fred Meyer has a thing about homemade bath salts. Who knows?

The OTHER dream I had last night ... we were with family for bits of it. Aunt A and her daughters made an appearance. We were at a reenactment-type event. Must have been the Italian court, based on the men's hats at one point. There was LOTS of velvet in the costuming. And there was a separate area for kids to play with games and such. And they were having a contest for the most ... something ... girl. There was even a song that must have been on loudspeakers about it. I ALMOST can recall the lyrics. Something about "No, Germany has it. Haiti has it." where Haiti's line in sung in a VERY bass voice.
But the grown-up area wasn't as cool as the kids' area. There was a croquet game where they had women in patterns (to make them taller) as the hoops to pass the croquet balls under. And we were in a play. And Cousin M took the cover off of a manhole in the parking lot and jumped in because she was about to give birth. Cousin K (who DID just give birth last week, in real life) was not jumping in any sewer holes or grates.
And ... WEIRD, I had JUST gotten married to someone else. At first I thought it was my brother-in-law, K. But it wasn't. Regardless, I was looking at him and I was all, "GAK! What have I done?? He's not even cute! He's kinda bald! I don't think we've even kissed! ... Wait, we're married, so we must have kissed ONCE. But I don't know if he's even a good kisser!" And he wasn't opening and closing doors for me or ANY of the nice things that Michael does.

So, yeah, I was glad to wake up from that one.

Because as cool as the costuming was, and as pretty as the stalks of hollyhocks that I was holding ... that guy was ALL SORTS OF WRONG.

And who tries to labor in a sewer hole?? Cousin M would NEVER do that. Not even if she COULD get the manhole cover off!

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