Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Insomnia ...

So, last night, after finishing washing loads of laundry, I got dinner made.
Then we got the kiddos put to bed and Michael and I settled down to watch Red.

Now, the previews looked pretty okay. And Michael was looking forward to it.

Oh. My. Flip. It was good. And hilarious.
Usually when I have to make a potty break, I'll just tell Michael to fill me in.
"Um, Honey? Would it be mean of me to ask if we can pause it? I have to pee."

I knew at that point that we should totally buy it.
Yeah, it was only about halfway over at that point.
Sometimes you just know, though.

Michael waited until the end to make up his mind.

We totally agree. ^_^

After the movie, we got dinner put away and looked at some things on the computer.
And we headed to bed.

And, oh, one reason I really hate my period?
I get insomnia. We went to bed before 11.
I read a magazine until I was (FINALLY) tired.
Took me over an hour to get to that point. Grrr.

Next time, I should be smart and pop some sleeping aids or something.
(Maybe I should buy some Tylenol PM. JUST for this purpose.)

The kiddos decided to skip storytime today. Oh well.
I was dressed. I was willing. Maybe next time.

I also was TOTALLY productive this morning. (/sarcasm)
I looked at couches on Craigslist.
It'd be nice to have something that my mom could actually sit on.
Since she's usually up here every week.

But, yeah ... I'm now having TOTAL redecorating-type urges.
I NEED to paint the kids' room, the kitchen, the bathrooms.
It is a NEED.

I NEED to go through all my clothes and get rid of what I don't wear. Because, really? I'm sick of doing laundry all the time. Of clothes that I don't wear and that are just TAKING UP ROOM. Because, really? Getting ready for church? Especially when I'm PMSing?
Slightly traumatic when I can't find anything that I WANT to wear, that would fit right/look good.
Especially when I'm hormonal. Just sayin'.

Okay. I've spent the morning loading the dishwasher (We've JUST discovered that Michael doesn't mind UNLOADING the dishwasher. And I don't mind LOADING it. So we now have a system. YES!! It's only taken us nearly a decade to figure it out! :P), making eggies for the kiddos ... I've cleaned up some clutter. I FINALLY did some WiiFit.

My desk is looking better. Not perfect by ANY means.
Refound my HAM Radio license. (Knew it was SOMEWHERE on or near my desk. ... Now I'm scanning it in. Isn't that a novel idea? *rolls eyes*)

I scanned all the pictures that P gave me to scan for her. Put them on a CD. Now I can give her all her swag at church. PHEW.
Found a hedgehog manual that I need to return to one of the YW. Like FOREVER AGO. Oops.

I also have Seph's CDs from months ago. Oops. I'd better figure out a time with Jenny to drop them off. Preferrably this week, right?

Then I can start organizing my OLD external HD ... so that, you know, maybe Michael can use it. ^_^
(And I need to organize iTunes a little, so that all my Glee songs are on the new external HD. Just in case. Because I'm a freak like that. :P)
(And I need to get all the Glee songs onto my iPod. So that I have fun things to listen to on my way to the library.)

THEN Michael and I can tackle Mt. Laundry on the big couch. And Bruise will have underwear in his drawer again. And then I can tackle the kids' bedroom (since more people see it) and then our bedroom and bathroom.

And then I can soak my head.

Seriously. I KNOW that I vacuumed yesterday afternoon.
It doesn't look like it. *sigh*

Okay, now I've cleaned up ONE of the kids' tables. Bruise's table is now the homework table. I put the cute little D'Nealian letter/alphabet/handwriting strips on the table ... so the kids will be able to SEE how to write each letter.
(Do schools still teach D'Nealian? I don't know. BUT it is a neat, easy-to-read form of handwriting. SO ... yeah. ... Yeah, I got nothin'.)
(Except a cleaner desk. And ONE cleaner kids' table. ... Bucket's table is messier. Always. Because she loves to color and to draw. So there are papers and crayons and markers and pencils ALL OVER. ... Like how the train table ALWAYS has Legos ALL OVER. ALWAYS.)

But, on the bright side, while Michael's out doing Elders Quorum Presidency things, my Bri is going to come over and hang with me. Since HER husband's out doing EQ things for THEIR ward.
(Works out nicely, no?)
I think I'll make her watch Easy A. But I'll make her GF Kettle Corn. Because that's how much I love her.

Wow, with all the CRAP (figurative) cleaned off my desk, it seems a LOT larger ... or roomier.
Not all that surprising ... But still!

I want to get some baskets for the table/desk by the loveseat. This way we'll have a basket for the remotes, a basket for the Wii stuff (like the WiiMotes and nunchucks), and a basket for all the DS stuff. Since the kids steal it from me all the time. I might as well just have all the stuff together (It WOULD clear up a LITTLE room on my bookshelf.)

I can't believe it's already March. That's insane.
Of course, there's also the fact that my kids are five. That's nuts. They're supposed to still be babies, right?

Sunday, as I escorted Bucket to the bathroom, I ran into a pal.
C: Oh my goodness! They're getting so big!!
Me: I know. I keep thinking of doing what my grandma threatened -- putting a rock on their heads.
*Bucket and I get into the bathroom*
Bucket: Why did you say 'rock?'
Me: My Grandma Darlene would threaten to put a rock on my head when I was little.
Bucket: WHY??!?
Me: Because I was growing up too fast. Should I put a rock on your head?
Bucket: No. Because I am growing BIGGER.
Me: But you promise not to grow up too fast, right? You'll stay a kid for a while, right?
Bucket: Until I'm a grown-up.

Okay ... I guess I'll compromise.

All right, I need to start dinner. Something with meatballs and pesto.
Probably pasta. 'Cause that's how we roll around here.
We so gangsterrrrrrr. We bein' the PASTA GANG tonight.

I OBVIOUSLY need more sleep. Oh my words.

And, my goodness, but my toenails look appalling. I need to redo my toenail polish.

Okay. I'd better get (back) to work.


Jocelyn said...

I know how you feel about the church clothes and trying to find some you can stand that actually fit right. We hit a point where my church clothes were driving me so crazy every Sunday, that Grant just adopted a policy that any time I find something I like that I can wear to church, I'm allowed to buy it. No questions asked. This also works because he knows how rarely I shop for myself. It's not like I'm doing a Pretty Woman shopping spree.

We finally found our dishwashing groove just last year, too. It came about because Grant was sick of trying to reach to put away the sippies and having them all fall down on his head. In his frustration, he said he would gladly load the dishwasher if I would unload. It's been heavenly!

Cory Strasser said...

that's what I have been wanting to do is go through clothes because I get tired of doing a whole bunch of laundry.

The Strasser Family said...

Sorry the last comment I sent was under my husband's account.

But I definitely feel the same way as you about the whole laundry thing, needing to go through clothes so there is less to wash.

Hilary said...

You made me chuckle with your gangsterrrrr bit! West si-eed gangsterrrrrr! I really ought to head to bed now!

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