Thursday, March 17, 2011

One week since the last REAL post. Oops!

Okay, let's see ... what all's been going on since I last blogged?

We took Freyja to her kitty-check-up. She's healthy. They're 75% sure that she's been spayed. She got a dewormer. And ... it appears that she's around TWO years old, not one ... based on the tartar on her teeth.

Stake Conference was this weekend. Michael went to the Priesthood session. We didn't have a babysitter, so we missed Saturday evening's session (for the adults). But we were at the regular session Sunday morning. And I took notes for one of the gals I visit teach (per her request).
I was able to trade notes with one of my friends at church. She mentioned that she'd been to Saturday evening's session but had missed Sunday morning's (due to Daylight savings). So, I emailed her my notes (and printed out a copy for the gal I visit teach) and she sent me her notes AND copies of the talks given by a couple members of the Stake presidency.

Later, in the evening, as Michael and I were getting all the garbage and recycling out ... and cleaning the catbox and the hedgehog's cages, we noticed that there was water on the floor.
Because the fixture for water dispenser/ice machine on the black fridge was leaking in the cupboard. *sigh*
So we turned that stuff off and knew that Michael would fix it Monday evening. After a trip to Home Depot. (Which manifested itself in my dream mentioned previously). And he did fix it.
I declared, "Yay!!! You're my hero!!"

So now, Bucket keeps asking if "[Insert Name] is your hero." Like, say: my mom, my dad, Jesus, Bruise, the cat ... Yeah. It keeps stuff interesting. :P

Tuesday, we (kiddos and I) went to storytime and browsed in the used bookstore at the library. Picked up 4 books. My pics were a St. George and the Dragon picture book (awesome illustrations) and a copy (HARDBACK!) of Ronia, the Robber's Daughter. It's by Astrid Lindgren, who wrote the Pippi Longstocking books. I also read Ronia multiple times when I was younger. ... Like I've said before, I'm a sucker for strong heroine stories.
(As we read "The Book of Three" [prequel to "The Black Cauldron"], Michael and I both agree that Eilonwy is the shizzle. She's awesome. I have to say that Lloyd Alexander does write awesome ladies. Eilonwy, Vesper Holly [OMGosh, y'all. I wanted to BE Vesper when I was in sixth grade. .... and still wish that I was more like her. Awesome.] And Gypsy Rizka is a clever girl. And the girl in Arkadians ... Yeah. I still need to read "The Beggar Queen" and those other books. But he writes strong girls. Yay!)

Tuesday night, Bucket acted up. She pretty much body-checked Michael on purpose (well, in her efforts to give him a hug. But OVERKILL. She knows HOW to be gentle. She just wasn't doing it). And then she wouldn't apologize. And THEN she wasn't going to give her daddy a hug and a kiss.
So I declared that I was TOO TIRED to read story-story (as opposed to scripture-story, which is Michael's job. And which is ALWAYS done). And she wept and wailed and gnashed her teeth.

Which leads us to Wednesday morning ... when Bucket had a headache. So I gave her an apple for breakfast, in case it was low blood sugar or something simple like that. Then I gave her some children's acetaminophen. And she said that her belly hurt and she was going to throw up. And she couldn't. So I gave her a cup of diet Pepsi (WILD CHERRY! Wooo!! Thanks, Mom!). ... And then she threw up. In the toilet. EVERYTHING. Like, water came out her NOSE, she was throwing up so hard.
We brushed her teeth and her tongue. And she curled up on my lap for a nap.
And woke up all better ... in time for Mom to return with food from McDonald's.
So, besides the morning, it was a fine day.
We made chicken and dumplings. But the broth had cooled, so the dumplings ended up mixed throughout the whole dish. Different texture. Still tasty.
And we got cupcakes from Coldstone. Yum.

Freyja likes to cuddle on my mom. And on Michael. And on me, when they're not available. Michael says it's because I don't put out as much heat.
I have PLENTY of insulation. And I'm still cold. SUCKS!
(I mean, really, if I get back to a normal, healthy weight, I'm going to be cold even more of the time. Ugh! My feet are still freezing all the time ... well, except when I was preggers with the kidlets. *sigh*)

My face broke out a LOT last week. Boo. It's not my period, so I have no real reason for it. So I think I'll go back to oil-cleansing. Maybe that'll also help with my lips being so chapped all the time. Oil-cleansing, taking my vitamins, and drinking more water. And maybe I'll even make exercising a priority again. Wouldn't that be nice?
And THEN maybe I could actually, you know, stop eating a bazillion calories per day. Ugh.
I have issues.

But yeah ... not a whole, whole lot is going on.

I need to get my lesson ready for church. I'm not teaching this Sunday. It's next Sunday. And, truly? I'm kinda dreading it. I've never taught a Teaching for Our Times lesson. It's a good talk that I'm teaching from ... but still, I'm really, really nervous. I've read through it. But ... I'm so distracted by kids, the internet, myself ... I'm just not really feeling inspired. Or letting myself be inspired. It's enough to make me want to run and hide in a hot shower.

Yeah, I know. Wah, wah, wah. Call the WAH-MBULANCE.
I'll get over it. Probably by the 28th. The day AFTER I have to teach. Ha. Ha. Ha. /ironical tone.

In other news, I hope that things are going better in Japan.
And I'll be reading John Stewart's book. And then I really want to read Colbert's book.
Can they please run for president? Co-presidents? I want them to run together.
Or Mike Rowe. He knows what the country needs. And he's so affable.

Okay. Now to try and be a little bit productive.

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