Thursday, April 17, 2008

Where have I been??

Um, yeah ... Sorry for the long, unbroken silence coming from my general direction.

My excuse? Well, I don't totally have a really great excuse. I'm having a Pampered Chef party tomorrow. It's the first BIG party that we've really had. Where I've invited a group of people that aren't related to me (Oh, I do have family coming. I have people who aren't family coming, too!!!!1!) ... So, in short, my brain blew up and the pieces landed in OCD-Territory.

And I've been on a rather large cleaning-jag for about the last week.

And, here I am -- coming up for air and sporting a much lower MHN (mental health number).

I still need to do dishes again, rearrange the equipment in the entertainment center (Hey, I never said I was over all the OCD tendencies yet), vacuum (AGAIN. Those messy children of mine. *rolls eyes*), shop for the rest of the risotto ingredients and stuff for appetizers or whatever ... And read about 20 library books. So I can go through the 80+ magazines that I've collected. (Hey! Most of them are free subscriptions!! And I practiced RESTRAINT by not buying the newest Glamour when I hadn't read last month's issue. Dude, I deserve a frikkin' trophy!!)

But, really, I've been really busy. And I'm feeling the effects. I'm ready for a nap. And, hey! I got a bath this morning! Woot for me!! (and I got to read Neil Gaiman while I was doing that! Multi-tasking ftw!!!)

What have I done?
-Cleaned off the kitchen countertops
-Organized all but two bookshelves (but cleaned off the top of one of those two)
-Washed about a metric crapload of clothes. Folded them. Put them away.
-Gotten all the mold out of my Birks. ...Do they sell packets of silica gel for one's closet?
-Vacuumed the entire house
-Cleaned both bathrooms. Organized them. (I SO flippin' NEED a trophy for that.)
-Cleaned off my desk. It's not all that great-looking. But, hey, I've made an effort.
-Did, like, three loads of dishes.
-Washed the cushions of the dining room table chairs.
-- In doing so, dripped, which stripped some of the (dirty) wax off the kitchen
-Scrubbed the kitchen floor.
-Mopped the kitchen floor and the floors in the hall bathroom and the laundry room.
-Cleaned and vacuumed our bedroom.
-Rearranged the cords and equipment on the tall dresser (TV, VCR, converter, DVD player, Playstation, antenna). (Ha!! TOLD you I was all OCD. And, besides! It looked BAD.)(So what if no one will be going into our bedroom? I still know it's there!)
-Hung up pictures.
-Hung up more pictures.
-Moved some pictures.
-Thinking about hanging more pictures. And, if I do, which ones to hang where?
-Went through the kids' dresser. Weeded out all outgrown clothes.
-Played Travian. (What? I like my little villages. Even if my freaking oasis got attacked. Grr. Sounds like the dude was trying to farm me ... seeing if I was inactive. Doof.)
-Broke about all my nails (Even thought I did wear gloves while scrubbing the floor!)
-Yelled at my children
-Etc., etc., so forth.

I mean, really. For working on all this for about a week? I'm pretty happy. Now if I can just keep it up. (and get the rest of the wax stripped off the kitchen floor.)

Now, since I've stuffed the children into nap (Hey, I warned them that if they got whiny or disobedient that it was nap time!).

So, I'm going to close this up (for now) and rearrange the entertainment center while I have a moment ALONE. then to stick a last load in the dishwasher, fold a load of clothes, read and maybe nap ... and post pictures of the house (mai hawse, let me show u it) and some fun things I've found online. Because I'm all about the sharing. You know I am.


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