Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Randomosity re: Movies

I was looking around online and found a fun link -- Summer 2008 Blockbusters!!

Now, I can't say that I always will be in agreement with the reviews given (since, for example, I stopped watching R-rated movies a few years back... even though it TICKS me off when a great movie is rated R and then I totally have to give up hope of watching it unless it comes on TV and I just HAPPEN to be watching it then. But sacrifice is a good thing. Maybe I'd be a terrible potty-mouth and a puppy-kicker if I kept on watching all those movies. Who knows?), BUT there were some on the list that I would very much like to see. (And sadly, Tropic Thunder is rated R. But it looks HILARIOUS. *sigh*)

Son of Ranbow:

This one I heard of a while ago from Eric D. Snider's website ... and, oh, I so want to see it.

Of course I'd love to see the new X-Files, Batman, and Indiana Jones films. And, I'll confess that this looks cute (As in "Cute" with a capital C. ... Hey! I don't have to deny my inner five-year-old!!)

And then, even though Always Watching didn't give it a good review, I really thought that Henry Poole Is Here looks like something I'd enjoy. AND it's only PG. (Hey, to me it's a big deal! I don't see why everything seems to be rated-R nowadays. It's just silly.)

It gives off the same vibe as "Waitress" did. And I liked that movie. (I also need to rent Juno. I've wanted to see that one for a while.)

But, yeah. If you need a list of movies to gear up for? Check these out. Not all of them have trailer-links from Always Watching ... but some looked pretty fun.

Like our favorite sassy black man as a superhero (Hancock), or the new Mike Myers vehicle (the Love Guru), or (oh, I HOPE it's not rated R) the intriguing one (The Fall) ... and I think I'd rent the next Mummy one. I mean, Jet Li AND Brendan Faser? Why not??

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