Friday, April 11, 2008

Sharing Tiiiiiiiiiiiiime!!

First off, Congrads to one of my friends and past neighbor, Sandra!!
She now has her own clothing label!! Go her!!
(It's always nice to see it when my friends can follow their bliss. And it totally works!)
So, really ... if you want some cute tops, and you love the Indian (As in Hindi, not Native American) look, go buy her stuff!!!! (I personally love this and this.)

If you want one of the SWEETEST THINGS EVER (Watching it makes me tear up. And then Michael's all, "Are you CRYING?!?" And I'm all, "Shut up!" And he doesn't cry. Because he has no heart. ... Hey, he says it himself. I'm just repeating it.:P [Love you, honey!]), here's a great link from Neatorama about a five-year-old blind pianist. Seriously, y'all. there are miracles. Yoo Ye Eun is totally one of them. and if you don't feel touched by this video, you must be a zombie. Or an alien.

And since I can't possibly leave you in tears, here are some fun little videos.

(nabbed from Neil Gaiman's blog.)

(As is this one. Um, it's kinda ... special. Very clever, but not quite as family-friendly as my usual fare. But it makes me snicker and giggle something fierce.)

Oh, I'm so, so terrible for liking that. I KNOW!! But it makes me laugh. And I'm an awful person and so on the road to HELL for this. You don't have to tell me. I'm fully aware of it. *martyred look*

THIS website, however is USUALLY more family friendly:
Stupid Game Show Answers -- And, oh, my dears, Michael and I laughed ourselves silly for over 30 minutes. Really, I laughed so hard the wax in my ears melted AND my neck got all itchy. I think I burned off enough calories to make up for the delicious dinner I ate on my birthday!!
There are videos, audio recordings, and snippets of transcripts.
Forget anti-depressants, THIS is one thing that I NEED when my mental health number gets too high.


(Seriously! Even Ken Jennings is on there! And Alex Trebek makes a good joke! I love those guys!!)

And, lastly, the title sums it up well: The Best Game Ever

This one by Improv Everywhere rocked my socks. I was thrilled to watch this.

Really, what would I do without YouTube? It completes me.
(Well, it, reading, chocolate, and Mr. Husband. In no particular order.)

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