Monday, April 21, 2008

Life and a Link and a Couple of Videos

Yesterday was ... interesting.

I was getting all ready for church. And then I got extremely cold. So I took my temperature. Twice. 96.7 degrees.

(When I get sick, I tend to run subnormal temperatures. It's this weird thing that I got from my mom. I mean, I run a little below average anyways ... like 97.8 -- File that under "weird, weird information that you will really never need.")

So, I soaked in a hot bath and put on a pair of sweats, got the kiddos ready for church, and texted Michael that I was staying home. After he took the kiddos to church (and there wasn't any crying and screaming), I spent a little time online. Then crashed in bed for a couple hours, waking up when the kiddos got home ... and they wanted to crawl in bed with me and sleep (Read: not sleep).

They were really good for Michael, though. As they all drove away to church, the kiddos called out, "Bye, house! Bye, Mommy!" They read books in the foyer at church. Bucket impressed the Nursery leader by saying, "Mommy, Daddy love ME!"

Oh, Bruise was at the table yesterday at breakfast. I was sitting on the couch, reading a book (so, at this point, I was barely ten feet away, what with the new layout). And Bruise goes, "Mommy?" And I say, "What, Bruise?" And he says, "Lobf you." And I go, "...?!? I love you, too, Bruise."

So, yeah, even thought I have this virus-thing, I know that I'm loved. I just have to get over the post-nasal drip thing and then I'll be all better. Because that's what's causing my throat to be all burning-the-pits-of-Hellfire-sore and all.

Me, overly dramatic?? Noooooo!!!!

(And, Melissa? You totally flatter me. No wonder I adore you! ^_^ Thank you!)

So, the not-so-fun stuff that's going on ... Well, my mom went to the hospital after she got home this weekend. I'm not all sure on what time. Kidney stone(s). The doctor didn't see any left inside her ... but they did end up giving her a double-dose of painkillers. So she won't be coming up this week. If y'all can say a little prayer for her, that'd be greatly appreciated.

Also, another of my dear friends called up ... he and his wife are getting divorced. That makes me sad. And I wish I could do more to help. (He, bless his heart, first apologized for only calling when there's drama.*shakes head* I'll take drama. I enjoy talking to my "lil' bro", regardless of the situation going on. And I feel special that I'm the one he calls when he needs to vent or for advice. I mean, really, what else are "little/big sisters" for? (Really! I'm six months older but I'm shorter. So I am a little, big sister. That explains the whole title thing. In case you were REALLY confused. And I wouldn't blame you, since I do tend to adopt my friends and their families. It's not the most common thing. ^_^ But, really, when have *I* ever been normal?) (Um, like NEVER.)

(And if you could just say a little prayer for him and his family, that'd be cool, too. Thanks.)

BUT, for some good news: When my mom came up, she took me shopping for my birthday. I finally decided that I'd like to get new pants for my birthday present. So I got two pairs of jeans. That don't have holes in the right knee. And they fit better so I don't look all saggy-booty-ed. Dude, y'all, somehow I went down a pants size. Score!
(I really have NO IDEA how it happened. Michael says stress. And eating better. I say it's a miracle. Seriously. Let's get me to the Vatican. Saint LlannaLee has quite the ring to it, no? Almost as good as "Saint Jayne." <--Firefly reference joke!!)

And, since how could I leave you without some fun videos and links ... Well, here they are!

"Kosher or Not: A discussion about imaginary animals" -- Funny. Some parts are even FUNNY!!!! But I'll give you a heads up about some language. There's an F-bomb dropped. But, if you can get past that? Hilarious. (Found via Neatorama. As is the last one. But not the middle one.)

Excellent recital piece. It's a little long (like six minutes ... but it really picks up around the 47-second mark). Bucket was impressed. She may even take piano lessons sometime.
(Found on the mental_floss blog)

And, it's a day early for Earth Day .... but I love this one SO, SO, SO(!!!!) much that I cannot wait that many hours to post it!!!!! (via Neatorama)

Oh, how I love the Discovery channel. If I had cable/satellite, I'd watch it just about ALL frickin' day long.

Happy Earth Day Eve, everyone!

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