Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Kitchen Sink ... or everything but.

So, since there's not a WHOLE lot going on in my life at the present moment (at least, not YET), I'm gonna share some links and videos with you.

Now, since my memory is starting to go (Yes, I'll admit it!!), you may have seen some of these before. And if so, it's been a while.

(But I'm VERY tempted to repost that cute Discovery Channel commerical of "I Love The Whole World." It is now Bruise's FAVORITE song. We watched the video about, oh, eleven times this morning. And he'll say, "Yeah" and "Nope" with the astronauts. Which is just about the cutest thing EVAR!!!!1!)

In no particular order, here we go!

HELP da Police
I really wish I had more British sketch comedy on TV. Oh, yes, I do.
And this is an example of what I do when I sing along to songs in the car.
So, Alanis Morrisette's "You Oughta Know" suddenly has the line "Are you thinking of my when you HUG her." (And "hug" is also the word that fills in in Nine Inch Nail's "Closer" when it suddenly plays in my head. Y'all have times when you hear songs in your heads, right? It's not just me, right?)

ALSO: Bucket was totally rocking out to the song as she cuddled on my lap.
(She was being a "baby girl," as she told me. She assured me that she's also my big girl. Because I asked, you know, just in case.)

And Hera's "Feels So Good" ... which I first saw on Cute Overload:

Okay, is it just me or does she totally have that Olivia Newton John sound to her. I think it's a New Zealand thing. And I really do kinda dig her Icelandic facial tattoos. Not that I'm getting one, or even thinking of getting one ... I just think it's kinda cool-looking.

This video, "The Sushi Conspiracy," never fails to make me giggle like a giggling giggler ---

Oh, ho! I'm still snickering ... Whoo!

Now, to break things up, here's an article (Bri, you already know this one):
8 (Pointless)Laws All Comic Book Movies Follow (nabbed from Neatorama, I believe).

As Bri and I discussed, "It's funny because it's true!!!!!1!"
Michael agrees. And he's the one who knows comic books well. At least, he knows them better than I do. ^_^

Which brings a repeat of the "Spiderman 3 Super Set!" because it only fits SO well after all the ragging done in the previous article:

Oh! If you want some GREAT comic art? Well, my new favorite comic book artist is Katie Cook! She's adorable!! And so are her drawings!!!!!

If only all work safety videos were this ... special: Forklift Driver Klaus (auf Deutsch with English subtitles [Thank goodness! My German is so poor now!!!]), nabbed from Neatorama:

(Yes, it is a parody. Really.)

Here's a great video that I originally saw on either Back In Skinny Jeans or FitSugar (cannot remember which! Sorry!). Regardless, it's great. Love the music, love the message ... in awe of the mad jumping skillz:

More links! (followed by more videos! Hey, I warned you!!)

On Consumerist, I LOVE it when there are good things. The happy news makes me all happified! And this was happy news!
(It's nice to know that there are good people ... and good customer service ... in the world!) ("I love the whole world ... Boomdiyadah, boomdiyadah ...")

With all the stuff going on with the FLDS churches and stuff, it's nice that even VANITY FAIR is getting on board to let people know that not all "Mormons" are polygamists with horns and "magic" underoos and dreck like that.

(As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints since I was THREE, I can honestly tell you that I don't know a single person who is a polygamist. ... Well, one of my uncles might have not had a divorce finalized when he married my aunt, but he's not even a member of the church! So, really, I know ZERO Latter-Day Saints who are involved in polygamy.)
(I can also mention that my underwears are not magic. But they do remind me of covenants that I've made with God. And the temple? It's wonderful. ... And by wonderful, I mean that. There are no immoral practices done therein. My husband and I did not consummate our marriage in front of witnesses. And there is NOT a basketball court within, so there's no co-ed nekkid basketball. We don't practice ritual animal sacrifice. We're really kinda boring in comparison to all the rumors spread about us. Really, the most riotous we get is when we have a kegger with root beer. Or is someone spikes the red punch with some cola *GASP!!!* Really. But that's not at the temple. The temple's like church. But holier and cleaner and amazing-er.)

AND, for the LDS-ers in the audience, here's a new song to help teach the new first presidency and twelve apostles!
(Michael will tell you that he'd like it a whole lot better if it weren't so countrified.)

And HERE's a good idea for a blog/website.
Seriously, I love random acts of kindness. I should totally do more of them.

And, since you know that I cannot send you off to face the world without a laugh, here's a great, unaired experiment by the Mythbusters. Hilarious ... and wonderful to make those 8-year-old boys laugh, too.

Kari Byron is such the good sport. Good for her!
(Sorry for her g-d- exclamation! Naughty miss!)

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