Monday, April 28, 2008

Excuse the general silence that was ...

I can make excuses --
1- We visited family
2- I was trying to recuperate from the pestilence that had taken root in my sinuses (for about a week), then decided to migrate into my lungs (Coughing until you puke up some bile? FUN!! <-- Not really.)
3- Sleeping to get over my plague

(Seriously, Today I scheduled a doctor's appointment. About two hours before the appointment rolls around? I feel FINE. Like, I'm breathing normally through both nostrils and my lungs are clear. Wither the fries?!? And I was able to cancel the appointment. And I'm still feeling better. Not quite 100%, but TONS better than even yesterday.)

Bruise and Bucket are being cuter and cuter. Bucket actually BONDED with my stepdad ("Poppi" as we refer to him, since my mom is "Mutti." And we didn't think he'd much relish being "Vatti," which sounds suspiciously close to "fatty."), so he now ADORES her. (He and Bruise have always enjoyed each other's company. They like to "play" the piano together. Poppi does a nice job. Bruise still is working his ... um ... modern jazz style. :P

Besides that, we had a good weekend, for a traveling one. We dropped Michael off with his carpool buddy, I cleaned up the house and packed. We loaded up the car (We= ME) and jetted down to pick him up, drove down, saw my Nana.

(Aside, Bucket LOVES Nana. As we were driving up the street to Nana's house, she pipes up, "I go see NANA! I pway wif Nana. I pway books and toiws (toys)." And I'm just all, "Whoa. She's got a good memory. It's been like a FULL month, maybe two, since we went to Nana's house." Also, Bucket can be a little shy/snobbish/introverted around lots of people. --- She THREW herself at Nana.)

Then we went to Dad and L's to spend the night. I ate ribs for the first time.
Dude, I've been missing out.

Next morning (Saturday, if you're keeping score), we watched cartoons and then met up with Mom at her school's fundraiser (Yum! Doughnuts!) and went to Mom and C's for a visit. This has been the first time that Bucket has actually given C the time of day, really. They ended up watching cartoons together while Michael and I chatted with Mom (as Bruise ran between rooms/conversations) and watched Pop-Up Videos on VH1 (Oh, how I have MISSED Pop-Up Videos. They're one of my secret addictions. I would watch them every chance I got when I lived at home. When I wasn't watching Daria. ^_^)
And, as you can see above, I came home with the link to the online Pop-Up Videos.

Life is Gooooooooood.

By the time we got home, though, my sinuses were killing me (again). And I had started coughing more. So I finally caved and took my inhaler. And I ended up skipping church again to sleep. Slumber, my elusive lover, how I have missed thee!!
And why does it seem that I am only getting the good, deep sleep on Sunday, when I SHOULD be in church? Seriously, people are going to think that I'm faking it and really going inactive or something.

But I did make an appearance after church so I could renew my temple recommend. Yay!! I can go to the temple again! I'm no longer feeling like a total reprobate!

Today, Michael stayed home to take care of me. And to watch the kids if I needed to go to the doctor's office. As I mentioned previously, I didn't quite need that trip. But I was more than happy to have him home.

We finally set up the digital receiver up to the antenna on our house. WOW. Our signal looks WAY good. Like we'll be able to READ the questions when we watch Jeopardy! Who knew?!?

And, I'm really out of stuff to say, so I'll close up with the latest fun stuff:

LINK: What Teenage Angst Novel Are You? - By E. Lockhart (A YA Author)

Right now, I'm "Kissing Vanessa." Yet another book to add to my to-read list.
I was something else on Friday. Was it "Twilight?" I can't remember.

Want to be depressed and amused at the same time?
LINK: What Other People Did When They Were Your Age -- Enter your age, see what people did. Between the ages I was this year? Yeah, I could be really depressed. I haven't written a novel/screenplay, climbed any mountains or run in any marathons, I haven't even gotten drunk to where my friends could dress me as a clown.
What is my life coming to????

And this commercial (It's in French. I don't really know what they're saying. But, be assured, it's cool.) makes me want to practice when I'm grocery shopping.

Too bad I have kids in my cart.

Dude. Color me impressed.

Now to flush my sinuses with more saline solution. Pray that this pestilence will decide to LEAVE. Or that my immune system will start kicking some serious virus-patootie. I'm sick and tired of being sick ... and tired.


Fold My Laundry Please said...

- I miss Pop-Up Video!

- The most peaceful sleep is whenever the kids have been removed from the house. It just so happens that during church is a guaranteed THREE HOURS OF UNINTERRUPTED REST!

- Guess what teen angst book I am? "Looking for Alaska" by John Green! Nerdfighters! Seriously, I've read it and it's a pretty darn good book. Go. Read it.

- I am inspired by the man who, at my age, rode across the nation on an 8 1/2 foot tall unicycle! Vaudeville performer Walter Nilsson is my new hero!

- Grocery shopping like that would be so much faster, don't you think? If the kids are in the cart, just shop for soft things like marshmallows or pillows!

- I'm glad you're feeling better!

Fold My Laundry Please said...

Oh, and ribs have bones in them. Did you know that? Ewwwww. Chicken legs, too. *shivers* I can't bring myself to touch bones in food and a person could starve to death trying to eat ribs with a knife and fork.

I'd rather have brownies.

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