Tuesday, April 01, 2008

What's kept me busy (i.e., not blogging, anyways)

Well, besides general laziness. (Jus' keepin' it real, okay?)

When we moved into our house, we had a carpeted bathroom. (It's the same color as all the other carpet in the house a deep brown with an orangey-red tone. I never took a picture ... at least not that I can find. Sorry!)

In February, we riped that puppy out (a shower door that drips water out when you open it plus some cat urine quickly let you know that a bathroom really is no place for a carpeted floor. Unless you've got some extreme back problems), which left us with THIS:

You know you're digging that paneling. *gagging* It's gonna be painted. And soon.

And we immediately sealed it with the best stuff we had on hand. A seven-year-old can of paint. Which gave us this (still totally preferable to what we had. With this? You can totally allow the shower door to drip as you open it to step out and grab a towel):

Crazy tilting angle, Batman! (You'd have no idea how many pictures I take that when I show them to Mr. Husband, his reaction is "Na-na-na-na Na-na-na-na BATMAN!!!)(And still I keep him. ^_^)

And then we saved up some pennies and researched and figured out what to do ... which lead to a total of nine hours (ish) of me whining about how I can't measure a straight line and "NO, I DON'T need a straight edge to cut them, but don't YOURS look nice!" and "That's IT! I'm renaming "factory edge" as "effing edge! Who comes up with this stinking crap, ANYWAYS!?!?" It also involved our newly-found mantra of "It's good enough. We're going to caulk it!" (Talking about the edges which are a pain and a half to do, let me tell you.)
(And yeah, I'm JUST that much of a joy to work with.)
And here's the end result:

And the hardest part:

It's a good thing I married an engineer. Or this would never have gotten done.

Witness my mad caulking skillz!!
No, seriously, I do have rather mad caulking skillz. If you ever hear me getting down on myself, you remind me that I've got me some mad caulking skillz. When I told Michael that I had them, he was all skeptical, "You sound pretty confident there." BUT, my dears, after I was done, he was all, "Wow. I'm impressed."
And I, being so mature was all, "I TOLD you I had some mad caulking skills. Jonnie-Bean taught me well!"

And here's the price you pay for having mad caulking skillz. My hands were dry for about a day later (since I didn't wash them off right away). But that's why the Lord in His infinite wisdom created that nice knock-off Neutrogena sesame seed body oil (I'm cheap and poor so I buy the Voldemart knock-off. But it works! And smells pretty!!)

But, yay! New floor!! And it looks so nice! It makes me happy every time I have to go into the bathroom. Or walk by it. Or need a long, hot bath.

And, really, isn't it a god excuse for why I haven't blogged as much? (Well, this and the fact that I'm reading, reading, reading to get through some of the books in my to-read pile??)


Jennifer Davis said...

looks great! I bet is is nice to have it done :)

Cynthia said...

You're right, this bathroom looks really good! And no more weird odors or worrying when taking a shower! Also, I bet it cleans much easier than a carpet ;)

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