Sunday, April 20, 2008

Can't think of a clever title ...

Things are back to more-or-less normal.

My Pampered Chef party went well. People liked the garlic butter and the dip that I made (Seriously, just whip some cream cheese and salsa together. SO easy. ^_^). And I learned how to make an approximation of a risotto. ^_^ And I earned some free stuff. Which was VERY nice. AND I got to see friends (and to meet IN PERSON Melissa!! Along with her two daughters. --- I hope I made a good impression, Melissa. 'Cause I was NERVOUS! What if you liked my blog, but found the RL me not quite so entrancing??), which is good. Because I've become quite the hermit.

And now I'm over my "Oh-EM-GEE!! People are going to see my house!! What if they look in my CUPBOARDS?!? Or in the medicine cabinets?!?11?" ---> Blame a friend of mine for that. The first time she slept over at our apartment, she laughed to me about the PLETHORA of toilet paper I had stocked in the bathroom. And I've now been insecure about my medicine cabinets and cupboards since. ... And Michael was trying to goad me into putting "inappropriate" items into the medicine cabinet. Just SO those who peeked would get a nice surprise.
("Oh, yeah, honey," I responded. "You want me to tuck the edible panties in with the kids' towels??" ... Yes, I do have a pair. From a gag gift at one of my bridal showers. SEVEN YEARS AGO.)
(and I don't think I blushed as hard at those as I did at the lingerie from my Nana.)
But I took the high road and didn't stick in anything, um, questionable.
Because, unlike my mom, I don't have to take every dare.
(Story behind that: On their honeymoon, my dad dared my mom to kick sand in his face.
He didn't think she'd do it.
He was wrong.
My mom doesn't like to leave dares alone.)

But, yes. I'm now over my "OMG PONIEZ!!" state of mind. Thank goodness. And I'm still keeping up (mostly) with the dishes and all.

The living room's keeping Friday's open-er floorplan. Because I kind of like it. Even if people who sit on the loveseat can't easily converse with those on the couch. Or see the TV. Oh well. But you can look out the window and all. So ... it's not much of a consolation, is it? Meh.

Oh, it's been snowing. And, did I mention, it's APRIL??? Seriously, we're having the craziest weather EVAR!!!!1!

And, a few days ago, I had turned off the heater, since I was having the back door open. (Oh! I was cleaning out the laundry room!!) ... and I only remembered last night, as it was pretty cold. Since it was SNOWING, that I should turn it back on. Oops!

Also, my throat is driving my BONKERS. I have this funky post-nasal drip thing. And I don't like it. It needs to go away. Michael thinks it's allergies. Which I really hope not. And what am I allergic to?? (Cleaning, maybe?) I noticed it when we got done with the auction for church (That auction that I was kinda, you know, IN CHARGE OF.), so I'm thinking it's more of a reaction to a sudden LACK of stress. *sigh* I just want it gone. I'm tired of being all snotty and drippy and all.

And, to distract you from the mental image of my nose, HERE!! Cool links and a video!!!!

"Jurors open hearts (and wallets)to help out crime victim" (Neatorama) -- Just when you start to lose your faith in mankind, something like this happens. Short story: Jurors in Texas were hearing a case of a mentally-handicapped man who lost his life savings to some person who has less morals than a dirty, low-down deceiver. They passed a $10,000 fine and five years of hard time to the gal behind the theft ... and donated money from their own pockets to the victim. Seriously, y'all, how sweet and wonderful is that??

And bonus-video-which-I-was-not-going-to-include-but-feel-that-it-ties-in-with-the-topic:

(LOVE those Green Brothers. They are made of awesome. And I think it IS important to do something to help rid the amount of worldsuck that is present.)

Link #2 -- (Also via Neatorama) Our new national motto (or what it should be): "Our worst critics prefer to stay."

I mean, honestly! Where else do you get to whine, moan, gripe, and complain about your nation and its government ... and not get killed for it??

Not that I'm saying it's a GOOD thing to be all down on the greatest nation on earth (If you disagree, you're a Communist! :P)(Yes, Cristall, I do remember that nobody blames things on the Communists anymore. I'm trying to do my part.)
BUT I do find it funny that after all the kvetching that people do? They don't want to move to another country. So, as bad as they find it? They still don't want to leave. ^_^

AND, the video I promised. You all have probably already seen it (maybe via Neatorama, since that's where *I* got it). It's been making the rounds quite a bit. I still snicker like a snickering snickerer when I watch it:

An Engineer's Guide to Cats:

(Yeah, I kinda have a soft spot for the cat-guy. I mean, "corporal cuddling?!?" He's my new internet idol. :P)

So, yeah. That's about all that I've got for now. So I'm gonna go and try and get through my (ever-larger) library book pile.


Cynthia said...

I LOVE the cat guy!!! I was laughing so much! Corporal cuddling indeed. I may have to steal this and post it on my own blog.

Fold My Laundry Please said...

Heeheehee! If I had known about the inappropriate hidden stuff thing, I would have brought over my inflatable sheep! I got it at a Christmas joke gift exchange when I was working at Blockbuster and have been afraid to throw it out lest the garbage man think I am a pervert!

Fold My Laundry Please said...

The RL You was every bit as entrancing as I though it would be! Which is to say, extremely!

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