Wednesday, April 02, 2008

No attempt at a clever title

What's been going on since I last blogged?

- The young women's meeting last night went very well. Our centerpieces look lovely. I forgot to take pictures, since I was too busy chatting with these fun young ladies.

Some of them are too smart for their own good, methinks. A conversation:

K: Are you on the internet a lot?
Me: Well, yeah. Probably more than is healthy. <-- See I own up to it!!
K: I thought so. You're always "I read this on a blog!" or "I found this online" or you're emailing back and forth with my mom all the time.

Guilty as charged.

Today I about killed my son. (And by "about killed," I mean I got really mad, screamed, spanked him, and sent him into timeout while I called Michael to calm down.)
His crime? He started to pull the tape out of my VHS of "Emma."

I think he may now realize (FINALLY) that Mommy does NOT approve of when he plays with those big, black boxes. And that, even though he's an adorable little boy, cuteness will NOT get him out of everything.

We didn't go to storytime today. I hadn't gotten a shower and just wasn't really motivated. We'll try for tomorrow.

However, I did take the kids out with me so I could do some yard work. We now have about half the amount of leaves in the front yard. I also pulled out the dried stems from last year's irises on the side yard. Go me.
And the kidlets were really well-behaved. I mean, there was the one part where I had to ask Bruise to PLEASE not stand in the road. And the other time when he went jetting off around the corner of the house. (What I wouldn't give for a fenced yard!!)

We also got a package from my mom today (I knew what was in it, since she ordered it when she was up here last. Bruise and Bucket are enjoying their new Sesame Street DVDs as we speak). The kidlets loved "helping" to open the package.

Funny aside: I gave Bucket a refill on her water and said, "Here you go, Bucket."
She misunderstood me, since I don't call her "Bucket" all that often. She readily answers to "Princess" and "Sweetie" and "Munchkin."
BUT she looked at me and said, very seriously, "Not bucket. CUP."

I also finished a book. I enjoyed "Dragon Slippers" very much. More than I thought I would. It was very cute. And would make a decent screenplay, I do believe. ^_^
Looks like she's a member of the Church. Makes sense, since I learned about Dragon Slippers on Shannon Hale's blog, not that all the authors she mentions are LDS. But, still.
And, it looks like there's a sequel, so now I'll have to add THAT to the 500+ books I've marked "to-read" over at *grin*

Well, since Bucket's taken over my lap and I'm trying to type around herartistic endeavors (which usually culminate in blocking my view of the keyboard and -sometimes- the monitor), I'm going to close up. But, oh, she LOVES drawing with this pink mechanical Eeyore pencil I got in my stocking about, what?, within the last five years, anyways. ^_^ I don't mind her playing with pencils so much ... as long as she doesn't point them TOO near my eye. Then I start to freak out. ^_^

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Cristall said...

What a good recap. I could never summarize my day so consisely. (sp?) Dang!

"The Cliffs of Insanity!! (dramatic organ chord)"

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