Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Random quiz

You Are a Semi-Colon

You are elegant, understated, and subtle in your communication.

You're very smart (and you know it), but you don't often showcase your brilliance.

Instead, you carefully construct your arguments, ideas, and theories until they are bulletproof.

You see your words as an expression of yourself, and you are careful not to waste them.

You friends see you as enlightened, logical, and shrewd.

(But what you're saying often goes right over their heads.)

You excel in: The Arts

You get along best with: The Colon

What do you think? So you think this describes me?

(Also, shout out to Kari, seeing as how it's her birthday! Yay!! Hope it's most excellent!)


Jennifer Davis said...

I took it and I'm a colon - gets along best with a semi-colon. Guess we were meant to be friends :)

Fold My Laundry Please said...

You get along best with a colon. *snickers* He's a very regular sort of feller! Teehee!

I was a question mark. I'm not sure I agree with it though.

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