Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mai kleen hawse ... Let me show u it

SO, here's the proof that I really have been cleaning and not just heartlessly ignoring y'all.

Exhibit A -- The kitchen.

Yes there are dirty dishes and the kids' toys and the books that I need to repair ... and the pile(s) of my library books ... BUT the counters are not covered in piles of CRAP like they usually are!!

Exhibit B -- the entertainment center.

I have now moved the VCR so that little boys and girls will not put papers, expired gift cards, toothbrushes, etc. into the VCR. It annoys me very much when I find things like that in there. ... The only thing I want to find in there? A video.

Exhibit C -- The children's/guest/hall bathroom

I replaced the shower curtain with a cute printed one, cleaned off the counter (put all that stuff in an organized fashion into the cute over-the-door organizer that Nana got me when I was leaving for college). It's mopped and swept and cleaned and shined.

Exhibit D -- The dining room (and Bruise enjoying watching a show while snacking)

The books are in some semblance of order. There are more pictures on the walls (not that you can really tell from this ...
I still need to vacuum. AGAIN.

Exhibit E -- The wall you face upon entering the house
(with Bucket appreciating Mommy's hard, hard work)

Lookit!! Lookit!!! There are pictures! In frames! And not just an empty, empty expanse of blank space!!!!!
I'm so, so, so frikkin' PROUD of the fact that this wall is not naked anymore.

Which bring us up to where I am wanting to go --


Cristall said...

What's up girly? Your comment about short stubby legs was TOO funny. I'm reading PB, and can't stop. It is a fast read, you are so right.

Your house is so clean!! Wanna come clean mine?

Later gater.

"That is the sound of ultimate suffering..." (Inigo, not the vacuum cleaner, ha ha ha)

Fold My Laundry Please said...

I has seen teh kleen hawse. It was trooly a wunder to beehold!

Thanks again for having us over! I had fun and Aurora just fell in love with your mother! She spent the rest of the evening walking around saying things like, "Gamma nice.", "Go see Gamma?", and "I make soup to Gamma!"

Jason Young said...

Congrats!!! Nothing makes me feel like I have control of my life than when I can look around my house and it's CLEAN!!! WHEW!!!

I think you deserve a really great date night after this :)


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