Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Good, The Excellent, and the Gross

Yesterday was a good day.

The Gross part and the Good part are rather intertwined ... so if you don't want to read it, just skip down.

Gross/Good: Ginger-cat's abcess poppped. I'll be blunt. There was a LOT of pus (I mean, her chin was about TWICE as big on one side!) and the wound is deep. But she's moving around a lot more and drinking more water. This is a VERY good thing.

And I was told (by Bri) that I'm a good "fur mom" ... since I had taken Gingi to use the kitty box ... and I clapped when she went potty. ... Also, Ginger wanted to be held, and I did hold her ... and she got the yucky stuff from her chin (blood and some pus and some drool) on my arm. And I didn't freak out. I wiped it off with a wet wipe and put a clean wet wipe on my arm for Gingi-cat to rest against. ... And Gingi licked my arm. Silly girl.

Also (really gross): The pus makes my arm smell like butt. I'm not joking. It's nasty. And I'm SO GLAD that it's not in her chin/jaw anymore, making her hurt.

Good: I love prayer. It rocks.

EXCELLENT: Bri-bri came over!!!!! I haven't seen my Bri in, like, a YEAR!! But we chatted and shared links on the computer and played with the kidlets and petted Ginger.
Yes, my friends are my Balm of Gilead. Seeing Bri changed my day from "Pretty good since my cat's doing better" to "HELLS YEAH! MY LIFE IS GREAT!!"

Good: I finally finished the books that I borrowed from Jenny a year ago. Now I just need to return them to her. :P

And when I (finally) got dinner made, it was really good. I certainly enjoyed it. Too bad the kids didn't eat so much.

Okay ... I need to get ready to take the kids to storytime.
Good thing it's going to be much cooler. Only in the low 90s today!! (As opposed to the last few days where it was in the triple digits. ... Yes, there is a reason why I DEMANDED a heat pump when we were looking for a house. Totally worth it. ^_^)

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