Thursday, July 16, 2009

Due to popular request ...

Now you can't say that I don't listen to my dear and devoted readers. ^_^

THIS is the dress.

You'll realize that, of course, since this is posted for the world to see that I tried to get the most flattering pictures of myself in the dress.

And, to me, it's not a very flattering dress. Unless I suddenly wake up having lost (at least) ten pounds, all the untoned/stretched out belly skin, and about three cup sizes.

I'm just sayin'.

BUT it IS a very lovely color.

Even if, when I slouch, the jacket makes me look like I'm trying to (and succeeding in) a blatant attempt to mimic Quasimodo in all his hunch-backed glory.
(But, I'll quickly remind you, I'm a hunchback with GREAT hair and make-up.)

Also ... Michael and I both noticed that this is the first wedding in a couple years where I DIDN'T do the flowers. Mer's mom did them. And they were SO pretty.

And, thankfully, I did bring a back-up dress (as did Roxy and the other bridesmaid) to change into.
I must say that BREATHING is totally underrated. I REALLY like being able to breathe. And take normal-sized steps. And BEND OVER to, say, adjust a bridal train ... or PICK UP my children or something.

But it was a very lovely ceremony.

And I'm never buying from David's Bridal again. I'll be hitting up one of my wonderfully talented and crafty friends (of which I have MANY) to do it. And even after I PAY them, I'll have spent less than half what I spent up there.

(Of course, I should have, you know, actually worked out while I was sick with the plague [now, if I had had the flu and was tossing my cookies, that would have covered it all!] or something. Like have gotten breast reduction surgery and lipo or something. Oh well.)

The important thing is that Mer is MARRIED! Yay!
(And I FIT [BARELY] into my dress. ... And there were no wardrobe malfunctions. That would have SUCKED.)
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love that bottom left hand picture of the sweet

Kari said...

I think you looked pretty. :) And your kids are adorable.

belginiangirl said...

I think it's a nice dress and the jacket looks really good with it. Also, is it me or does it show your "assets" very well. And the other bridesmaids too? Who needs a push up bra with a dress like this ^_^

Your kids look adorable in their outfit.

I'm glad you still had a great day after all the stressing ;)

Aubri said...

:-) I love it! And the jacket looks so CUTE! Really!

Also, since when are the kiddos allowed to be that grown up, hmmmm???

Piper Lee said...

Aw, cute pics! And you did a great job on everyone's hair!!

The dress color looked great on you, you little hoochie mama!!

Your little darlings looked adorable. ;)

Glad it's over and that you can relax. Looks like it all went great!

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