Sunday, July 12, 2009

Back ... and Random

I survived. And the wedding went well. As did Camp. Phew!!

First things first, Michael replaced the broken toilet seat in our bathroom. The old toilet seat was sitting on the floor. ... And we had a little litmus test, per se, for whenever Bruise had used the toilet.

... Because he'd MOVE the old toilet seat and put it on the toilet, even though we have a new, lovely, PUFFY seat on there.

Yes, my son IS rather OCD. It's as if he's saying, "NO, I have to use THIS seat! THIS one is the seat that I'm used to!" (Whereas I'm all, "The NEW seat is WONDEROUS! I LOVE it's cushiness and the fact that it doesn't pinch my butthigh in the crack in it! I will sing its praises until ... well, until its novelty wears off!" [Hey, just keeping it real, okay?])

The one unforseen hitch in the wedding was that Bucket REFUSED to do her flower girl duties. She walked well enough until Michael had to leave her to her duty. And, as Bruise did a most excellent job as ring bearer, she stalled and proclaimed, "I don't WANT to" ... leaving Mer's mom to throw another handful of petals as her daughter was escorted to her groom.


Oh well. At least my kiddos looked darling.

And the funniest thing about my dress ... besides making the photographer CRACK UP (since, to walk or bend down, I'd have to slide my skirt up from floor length to about tea length), was that most people didn't know why I had on a jacket (and the other two bridesmaids didn't. One of Mer's uncles wondered if I had some profanity tattooed on my back or something. Ha!

The pins that Roxy had brought weren't quite strong enough for what we needed them to do (i.e., pin my top so that my shapewear didn't show) ... so ... well, some people might have gotten glimpses [or a little more] of that. Oh well. It's not like we didn't try. Because we DID.

But, dang, my makeup looked good. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror in the bathroom ... and, truly, it could have something to do wtih the fact that for the last week I hadn't worn a lick of makeup ... but I looked at myself and thought, "DANG! I look GOOD!" (And that was nice. Even if I couldn't run. Or take large steps. Or bend at the waist. :P)

So ... I'm closing up. But I didn't want to neglect you (anymore than I could, anyways. I should have blogged yesterday ... but I was SO tired. And SO relieved to have all my BIG, BIG responsibilities over. Phew!).

Do any of you have issues with getting REALLY burnt out on Facebook games? I used to really like FarmTown ... but I'm thinking of quitting it. Along with about a dozen other games. Any reason you can come up with that I shouldn't??


Brooke said...

I want to see a pic of you in the dress!

leilani said...

Just do what I do with the games. Play the ones I really enjoy, and keep that limited to a very small handful, and unbookmark the rest. I keep several installed so friends that do play can have that extra person on their mob/crew/etc for those games that go by numbers. But basically I just ignore them. Maybe some time months down the road I'll get the urge to play one of them, then I do, but not often and only for a few minutes. I have to much else to do and not enough me to go around. I could spend the whole day on Facebook if I tried to do everything everyone sent me.

leilani said...

Oh yeah, almost forgot... Picture of you in the dress, c'mon! Show it off! Make us insanely jealous of your stunning good looks. :D

Nay said...

Yes I'd love to see a picture too!! Now you need some R&R for you :-) I'm no Joseph, but I think your dream represents all the things that needed a 'piece of you' and you conqured them with the resources you had. See, you're the winner :-)

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