Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Random Silly Things ...

#1 - I don't know why this is, exactly ... since I do get called "ma'am" at the grocery store more often than not (in fact, I'll call up Michael in glee to report when a cashier calls me "miss.") ... BUT, at Camp, when some of the leaders were counting girls, they'd try to count me, too.
These girls are, you know, twelve to eighteen. I'm considerably older than that. :P
AND, a couple of Sundays ago, Bishop had given our YW president CDs of Scripture Mastery scriptures out so the girls could listen to them ... to help them memorize them. K (our Prez) is passing them out to the girls, hands me one ... I hand mine to another girl ... and, for a sec, K's all confused. And then she realizes that, you know, I'M ONE OF HER COUNSELORS, not a sweet, little teenaged thing!

The girls all laughed when I chalked it up to my moisturizer.
(Seriously though? I love my moisturizer. Garnier smells nice AND works AND has suncreen. ... And it's fun to say, since it's got that French name and all. ^_^)

(I mean, really. I may still have slightly-dewey skin ... but usually my body tips people off. I've got some WOMANLY curves, iykwim. Aityd.)

Also in things that make me laugh/highly amuse me (since this is MY blog, yes, I CAN be all 'everything's about MEEEEEE'):

My kids tell hilarious stories.

Today, as we're driving to storytime ... well, here:

Bucket: Bruise! TALK to me!! Words!!
Bruise: One upon a time. There were cars. On da si-walk.
Me: There were cars on the sidewalk?
Bruise: Yes.
Me: If there were cars on the sidewalk, where did the people walk?
Bruise: On da si-walk.
Me: Was there room? I mean, with the cars there?
Bruise: Yes.

Or, last week, Bucket proves that she's taking after her mom in "Crazy Dream Chronicles":
Bucket: Mom? (I'm driving, so you know)
Me: Yes?
Bucket: I had a dream last night. In my dream you, me, [Bruise], Grandma, [girl cousins] were swimming in a big pool. And a SHARK CAME TO EAT US!
Me: Wow. That seems scary. What happened then?
Bucket: You cut him into pieces WITH A KNIFE!!
Me: *thinking, "Wow. I'm violent."* ... How about I cut the big shark into dolphins. How does that sound?
Bucket: Okay. You cut da BIG SHARK into lots of dolphins.


Also, WOW. There's a LOT of Crystal Light hatin'. I'm just sayin'. (Mostly through email, since most of you know me IRL well enough to have my email. ^_^)

So ... if I give up Crystal Light, do I get to be addicted to Ruby Red Squirt instead? *ducks and runs*
KIDDING!! It's too expensive.
But OH, so GOOD.

Hey, while I have you ... can I pick your (collective) brain?

How should I get myself motivated to exercise? Seriously ... I know that I NEED to. I KNOW it's important.
  • but it's sweaty.
  • but it's kinda nuts trying to get my kiddos to leave me be to do a workout video
    (Unless they just, idk, HAPPEN to be in the mood to watch their mom work out. Or to do the cute little kiddo-yoga DVD. Which isn't all that often, unfortunately.)
  • even though I KNOW that I'm out of shape, I don't like workouts that shove my flab and lack of stamina/muscle strength IN MAH FACE!! BOOYAH!! ... In fact I find those irritating. Almost more irritating than the idea of eschewing my Crystal Light. Just sayin'.
Yes, I know. I'm a whining whiner. Call the Waaaaaaaaah-mbulance. /self-pity party.

In other news, my mom had to buy a new computer. Hers got a virus enough so that once she's connected to the internet, she loses control of the computer and then it shuts down.

So, Michael and I looked for a new one for her while she's on the phone with us. With the sale and an online coupon, she saved $170 off what she would have spent. Also got a new printer (printer/scanner/copier) ... which is good because her old scanner was dying.

And, really, the old computer is nearly 10 years old. Crazy, huh?

Yeah, I don't really have a lot of fun, cool interesting things to share. I'll try and do that later. Maybe next week when I don't have a meeting and a party and a family reunion and a floor to mop (going to do that next).
BUT, hey! Watching some Jane Austen ... I got a good deal of laundry folded! Now to put it away. And to get the rest of the laundry washed. But I really am not freaking out about the state of my house.

With this Pampered Chef party, it's like "Hey! Come over and eat these cool brownies and ice cream! Maybe I'll be energetic and make some cookies or something to go with them! Maybe not! But my house is decently cleaned ... the kiddos may be here this time ... we're going to have fun and eat chocolate and if you order something, great! If you don't, great!"
(Unlike last time when I was all, "My house should be SPOTLESS! I must REORGANIZE the BOOKSHELVES!!!" .. C'mon, really?? I mean, sure, they STILL look good. But who is really going to judge me because I had messy bookshelves? Messy bookshelves just tell you that [1] they get used and [2] I need MORE SHELVES. ^_^)

Seriously, last time, I was washing the seats of the dining room chairs ... and bleached (or Oxi-Clean-ed?) spots in the kitchen floor. Oops!
The spots are still there!
Am I freaking out?
Not at all.

I figure that, hey, as long as the house is tolerably clean, it smells nice, and there's no pile of bodies that I had to kill to get it that way, I'm golden!

So, yeah. I'll do the dishes, fold the laundry, mop the kitchen, and vacuum.
Then I'll burn a scented candle or something.
And do my nails.
But not too close to the candle.
That'd be dangerous. :P

Or, to destress, I could just read some online comics and snarky greeting cards. ^_^


Jennifer said...

on the excercise - It has taken me awhile, but I finally have a routine of exercising everyday.

I usually plaster Jonathan in front of a movie and then go get on the elliptical or do an exercise video. The key to me doing it everyday is watching something interesting at the same time. Lately, I watch Arrested Development or Psych while I am working out -it makes it soooo much easier and the time flies by (I do 40-60 minutes)...

If I didn't have something fun to watch, I probably would get bored and not want to do it(I either use Picture in Picture to watch 2 things, if I am doing a video, or use the laptop to watch), but if you are watching the Bluths, you laugh your way through the pain :)

Anonymous said...

When is the PC party? I wish I could be there :-(

Amen on the Arrested Development... it's kinda like a reality check, "Sure, I'm in pain and I'm sweaty... but at least I'm not Michael Bluth!" :-)

I'm a big fan of watching TV while you work out... My favorite shows are "Cake Boss" on TLC, or "Ace of Cakes" and "Dinner Impossible" on the Food Network. I don't even have a TV at my house, so when I go to the gym, it's heaven. Seeing as you do have a TV, try working out to something you want to watch... it's a good timeline too. I bike for about an hour (one episode of AoC or DI, two episodes of CB) and so that helps me pace... I'm not just staring blankly ahead wondering when the torture will end.

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