Thursday, July 02, 2009

Entering that strange ennui ...

So, I'm (mostly) over my OCD-induced freak-out.

At this point, I'm just ready to get it all over with. I'm trying to wrap up loose ends ... ends which really keep on unraveling once I've gotten most everything else taken care of. *sigh*

Example: I was finishing the dishes. I noticed that (1) the garbage disposal sounds different. Not wrong/different. Just different.... and (2) suddenly I have a puddle of water dripping out of the sink's cabinet. CRAP! ... Turns out that the garbage disposal and the sink's drain have split up. I don't know exactly what is in order for their reconciliation to take place. Michael will be doing that.
(I still had to finish the dishes. Good thing the other side of the sink is unaffected.)

But, hey. I'm mostly, totally packed. The dishes are 99.6% done.
... I still haven't folded all the laundry. (Honey, you love me, right? Look! I'm giving you something to do to stop from missing me so badly! *ducks and runs*)

I've turned in all the library books that would be coming due. Regardless of whether I've read them or not. I'm just tired of not finishing books. (And, Jenny, no, I did NOT finish "Tea Time for the Traditionally-Built. *sad face* I'll put it on hold again and read it .... sometime.) But this way, Michael will have one less thing to bother about while I'm gone. ^_^

I have most everything together for the shower and for the wedding. ... It's been postulated that I might ALSO be doing the bride's hair. ... Bri, I went into the wrong field. I may join you as a cosmonaut cosmotologist. (Hey, my mom was VERY thrilled with the foot massage and pedicure I gave her the last time she was up. ... Yes, indeed, sometimes being my friend has its benefits. -- Jenny, wouldn't you agree? You never had so many Wii jokes until I [and my twelve-year-old-boy sense of humor] came along. :P)

But, yeah ... things are ... how they are.

But this experience has taught me how important actually RSVP-ing is. We could have six people (all in the wedding party, really) or we could have around 20. Hard to tell. But I'm not making that pasta salad. I'm done.

Well, got to run and do some things!!!


Jennifer said...

It is a good book (like the rest of the series) when you get to it :) have you seen the HBO series? I caught a couple of episodes at our hotel on vacation and it was fun to hear how they pronounced things :)

You ALWAYS make me laugh! Wii jokes, or just talking with you - you always manage to make me smile or laugh :)

Anonymous said...

You are dang cute... just FYI. And, I think you'd make a GREAT Cosmonaut/Cosmetologist.

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