Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stuff and more stuff

Well, this has been an interesting week so far.

1- I've proved to myself again that I'm not graceful. Yesterday, when the kids were playing in their pool, I tweaked my ankle a little walking. JUST WALKING. It's mostly fine. Just is a little ... tender.

2- Our water heater is silly. It wants to think that since it's THAT HOT outside, that the water INSIDE of it is getting TOO HOT and it needs to shut off. Ugh.

3- I've called up all the vet offices I could find in the yellow pages for our town. I have quotes for how much it costs to put Ginger to sleep (i.e., a LOT) ... just in case. Ugh. But be proud of me. I didn't cry on the phone. I must be doing better at faking being all stoic and stuff.

4- I've had "Llama Llama Red Pajama" stuck in my head. Good thing they had it at the library. Dang catchy ear-worm of a children's book. Dang cute, though.

5- My kids are silly. Bruise asks, ... no... BEGS me to put my glass of ice water on his head or against his back. Weirdo. And he does the BESTEST EVER fake snore. It's great to cuddle with him and Bucket ... and then he'll be all "GRHONK-chuuuuuu" ... It's really great. Makes me happy.

6- I actually slept last night. Which was nice. I could have slept in another few hours. If I hadn't had to wrestle away a lolipop which some CERTAIN CHILDREN got it in their heads would be a healthy breakfast. (Now, if they'd gotten out ice cream? I could maybe have let them get away with that. It's DAIRY and CALCIUM. A Dum-dum?? That's sugar and water and chemicals. Not gonna happen. I'm just sayin'.)

7- I like having air conditioning. A heat pump is one of the BEST inventions ever. It's true.

8- I really don't have anything for eight. ... I guess that I could mention that on Facebook, there's a quiz about which Death Eater are you (Harry Potter) ... I'm SO Severus Snape. Squee! I get to be the one with the luscious accent and that can get away with slapping around Harry and his gang. :P

9- Bruise is right, I AM a WEIRDO. (Srsly, while I was talking to my mom today, he YELLS across the room, "Mommy, you a WEIRDO!!" ... Couldn't really argue with him, you know. He's got a point.


Okay, I'm done. I need to finish a book and do something productive. I don't know what, though.

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