Thursday, July 23, 2009

LinkylinkylinkylinkylinkyHEAVY Blog!

Okay, I have linksandlinksandlinksandvideosandvideosandvideos to share!!

Hope you're ready to kill a few hours! ^_^
Here we go!

Filed under funny, but slightly blasphemous: Noah's Blog and Facebook of Genesis (not doctrinally correct. But very funny. I know, I know, I'm going to Hell.)

Along the same lines (but not blasphemous) Austenbook and Hamlet (Facebook News Feed Edition)

Here are some that are ... special. Read where you aren't near childre, coworkers, or anyone who will look over your shoulder. Or be disturbed by hysterical giggling: covers a Danish sex-ed book for children. (You HAVE to read Jezebel's comments! I CRIED!! And burned off a brownie, I think.)

Hitler's real downfall was bad subtitles (stolen from mental_floss) -- There is language. Subtitled. And lots of angry shouting in German. Which always sounds angrier than other shouting.

Fallen Princesses - a photographer's take on a "Where are they now?" for the Disney Princesses.

Back to the safe for EVERYONE! (Or mostly):

Another fun clip from Britain's Got Talent - Greek Dancing!!

Because Neil Gaiman is AWESOME ... the Coraline Trailer he did!!

Cute stop-motion music video - "Her Morning Elegance" - Oren Lavie

Music video - "Yo Comments Are Whack!"

Somethings that makes me laugh/smile EVERY TIME: Star Wars as told by a toddler and a Non-viewer (via mental_floss) -- Seriously, the one told by the adult? HILARIOUS!!!!

Something sweet: Family (via Fried Green Craziness)

Flight Attendant Rap (Why don't I get on the planes with the rappers??)

Funny XKCD comic (if you didn't watch PBS over a decade ago, you may not understand this.)

Fan-made Wolverine Trailer (realize that this came out before the movie did ^_^)

My Milk Toof - Pure KAWAII-ness-essence

Here are some Hollywood icons that are WORTH talking about (too bad they're from, like, our GRANDPARENTS' generation):
10 celebrities that served our country (mental_floss)
Seriously, these are TRUE heroes. Especially Jimmy Stewart. He's just so darling and dear. I LUFF him! I want to put him in my pocket (not that he'd fit) and sit at his feet and adore him, the sweet, modest man. We need more people like him. ESPECIALLY in Hollywood. It'd be nice for some integrity and morals in that area.

Sardine Run:

Gender-Targeted Advertising ... Do you agree?
Is this summing the messages that seem to be doled out by advertising? I think so.

How living in the movies DOES make life harder ... Answering the Phone.

This was cute: How to Meet and Woo a Nerdy Girl. I don't quite get ALL the references.
But I enjoyed it.

And five videos to wrap it up. Hope that you didn't want to do anything IMPORTANT today! (And what could be more important than letting me share these with you??)

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