Sunday, July 19, 2009

Without the intertubes, who would I whine to?

I mean, besides Michael and my mom, right?

But, yeah.

I have a Question. A Question with a (obviously) capital 'Q.' A Question that I am posing to the Universe at large:

Why the bloody H am I so frackin' HORMONAL right now?

  • I am not on my period.
  • I am not pregnant.
So, WHY, Universe at large, WHY do I have these angry bees in my head that drive me to be all snappy and sappy ... and, at times, (to be totally blunt) a heinous b****???

I'm just curious.

Can I blame it on Water Week?
(For those of you who are wondering what I'm talking about, a friend of mine challenged a bunch of us to drink nothing but water for a whole week. I accidentally started last Sunday, instead of Monday. And I gave it up yesterday. I had grape Kool-aid. And I totally tossed my cookies. Twice. Blech. ... Especially since I didn't have a whole lot of water in my stomach, since I was BORED UNTO DEATH of drinking just water. I still maintain that the Kool-Aid was totally worth it. ... In fact, I had fruit punch for breakfast. Since I'm such a rebel. If it hadn't been the Sabbath, I'd have hied me down to Safeway and bought me a two-liter bottle of Ruby Red Squirt. And I'd have probably had to lay in bed sick all day. Oh well.)

I'm tempted to blame my crazy-head-week on water. Because, as I mentioned, I was SICK UNTO DEATH OF THE BOREDOM OF waterwaterwaterwaterwaterwaterwatericewaterwaterwaterwaterwaterwatericewater.

Hopefully, since I'm back to my cheap version of Crystal Light (5 calories per serving, y'all!) the HFCS and various nefarious chemicals will get me back to my snarky, yet chipper self.

Instead of the self that yells at my husband while talking to my mom and glowering evil glowers at my children.
I don't like her.
She's scary.
And unbalanced.
And she doesn't look good in pleather.

But, on the other hand, (there are other fingers. *rimshot* Thank you! I'll be here all week! Try the chicken!) ... Okay, for real now, Bruise and Bucket were a LOT less distracting during church today! Yay! It was really nice.

Even though it was a big factor in me almost CRYING/SOBBING during helping teach the lesson in Sunday School (about the roles of mothers. Gah! Motherhood is important, okay? Just accept it! And it's HUGE. And really, really making me cry ... well, not right NOW. But when I'm teaching in a class of around 10 or so ADULTS. Ugh! Not that I don't like them. I do! BUT I'm teaching them!! Eeps! But it was pretty cool. Except for the getting all choked up because MOTHERING IS IMPORTANT AND NO ONE CAN TAKE YOUR PLACE AND ALL!!)

And also, Bruise can operate Michael's iPhone by himself.
Michael has a progam on it that has light sabers ... you can pick the color and stuff ... and then, when you move the phone, it plays SW music and makes light saber sounds.
Bruise asked, "Can I play with the sword in your phone?" And proceeded to get the iPhone, turn it on and get to the program. All by himself. And he's only 3 and a half!
(And he was SO dang cute! Standing there, beaming at the screen, still in his church clothes (featuring a BOW TIE!!) and bare feet. Gah ... if he were any cuter, I'd have to go vomit!

OH! Michael and I got to watch Harry Potter and the HBP. Very good. I did notice the "emo faces" (as Bri called them) made by Malfoy. But I did enjoy it. I VERY MUCH liked Jim Broadbent's portrayal of Slughorn. I remember that when I read the book, I really did NOT like Slughorn (I didn't detest him as much as I did Rita Skeeter or Umbridge). I thought of him as quite sleazy and slimy ... but Broadbent's portrayl made him so much more sympathetic.

And Alan Rickman's velvet tones make any movie completely worthwhile.
(Yes, I do believe that I've made mention that I'm an accent-whore. But have you LISTENED to him???? *fangirl hand flutter* His voice is AMAZING!! I MUST find out if he has read for any audiobooks. And if so, I know that I shall be investing in at least ONE audiobook!)

(Seriously, in Sense and Sensibility ... that version with Emma Thompson? EXCELLENT. Hugh Laurie's in it!! Yay for Mr. Palmer and his sarcasm! And, oh, my dears?? When Cnl. Brandon says to Miss Margaret, "The air is full of spices"? I just adore that moment ... He's got a lovely voice, more-than-pleasant visage, and he's kind to a young girl?? ...*le sigh* Is nice.)

My one complaint about Snape? He just doesn't seem as greasy as he does in the books. If they had gotten ANYONE else to play him, there would be, like, HALF the fandom for Snape.

I'm just saying.
(Not complaining, mind you. I very much love to watch me some Snape in the films. ^_^)

Okay ... time for bed. So my husband decrees. And I live to not annoy him terribly.


leilani said...

In defense of water... :)

Now that water week is over, if you can't survive on only water, cut back to 90% of the time drinking water. You'll survive. You can do it!

I think part of your neurotic behavior might have something to do with the ingredients in the Crystal Light that you are detoxing from. Seriously, you should find something else to drink occasionally. The Kool-Aid is healthier than the stuff in the Crystal Light. (It also could be contributing to weight issues.)

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh man... now I need to hum a hymn... Ahhh sweet Severus.

You know, honestly, I've had a crush on Snape since forever... or, at least since the first book. Then, when it was announced that Alan Rickman would be playing him? I died. A happy, happy death. You see, I've had a crush on Alan Rickman since forever as well. It was like, fantasy heaven. Ahhhh...

Okay, I'll stop drooling over your blog. And now, all your comment readers probably think I'm a dirty-minded psychopath who has a thing for evil.

Megan Zimmerman said...

one word dear...Prozac!

Kate the Great said...

Okay, three things:

First, Amen to all Bri said.

Second, Alan Rickman+reading an audio book= A Happy Happy Katie.. we must go on a hunt.

Third, I will be showing up at your doorstep tomorrow at 10 am, and you will let me in, along with my small band of helpers, at which point we will clean your house for you, as well as fold your laundry, and generally spoil you... and then we're going to get to the bottom of the 'cray hormones' thing. You will not argue with me, because I am me, and I love you, and I always get my way. Should you argue.... I will bring in the big guns and call your mom! :P

Love ya!

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