Sunday, July 05, 2009

The calm before the Camping ...

In case you're really wondering how the bridal shower went ... it went really well. Except for attendence.

I had sent out 25 invitations. Some of them were for mother-daughter pairs.
About five people told me they couldn't come. So, still .... We were expecting between 6 and 23 people.

We got the six: Mer, her mom, Roxy, me, the other bridesmaid, and her mom.

We did have fun. Didn't play any games ... but we had plenty of food, Mer got to open her gifts ... we cleaned up, and Mer, Rox and I headed to the casino to give her a little girls' night out.

First time I've ever been in a bar. I had water. Drank those two under the table, I tell you! I had TWO glasses of my drink as opposed to THEM only drinking one bottle of theirs! (One had a hard limeade, the other a green-apple vodka. In case you were DYING to know.)

Then I went home, leaving them to watch the doo-wop cabaret show. And I took a shower, since I reeked of smoke (since there's smoking happening EVERYWHERE). But it was a really nice time. We three haven't had time together for about a year or so!

The next morning (July 4th), we played at my mom's until around 10, drive down to Michael's folks, and the kids played there. We ate, talked with family (all siblings except C&A were there ... so Bucket was sad that her cousins weren't there to play with her. She got over it REALLY FAST. She loves her Grandma something fierce.) and watched big fireworks ... and the kids were zonked!!

Can't blame them. This was out schedule:
July 3
  • left the house at just before 7 A.M.
  • drove south to my dad's and stepmom's
  • drove a bit north to Nana's
  • drove south to my mom's and stepdad's
  • The kids and Michael stayed there while I left to set up and throw the shower. Then I went to the casino and came home ... and the kids were in bed. And Bruise was peacefully sleeping ... while Bucket STOLE ALL THE PILLOWS!! She was curled up ON my pillow with the others all around her like a little castle or something. I stole most of them (but not mine!!) back so we'd have pillows to sleep with.
  • Woke up around 6-ish.
  • Ate breakfast and the kids played some more ... squirt guns. Bruise shot me in the eye and kept shooting Mutti (my mom) ... and then he asked her to fill up the gun for him again. And she shot him. RIGHT IN THE EYES!! Ha! ... Between giggles (and Mom was laughing so hard she couldn't talk), I sputtered, "You don't mess with Mutti! She plays dirty!!" ... It's true. Ask her!
  • And, like I said, we drove down to Michael's folks and the kids IMMEDIATELY went to play in their pool in the backyard. And ate popsicles. ^_^
And, when we left this morning, YES, I did cry a bit. (Okay, maybe more than a "bit.") But I am going to/do miss MAH BAYBEES!!
As much as I gripe about having to get up early, I do like it when Bruise will climb into bed with me to give me morning kisses and cuddles. Bucket will join in, too. And that's AWESOME.

And I know that every so often, I wish that someone would watch the kids for a couple hours or so so I could, you know, GET THINGS DONE/run to the store ALONE/take a NAP ... but that's totally different from spending the better part of a week away from them!

They'll be with Grandma and Grandpa today until Wednesday. Then my mom's going to pick them up and take them to her house ... where we'll drive down to see them Friday.
I'm leaving camp Thursday afternoon ... going home, taking a shower ... unpacking/repacking, giving myself a manicure/pedicure for the wedding, and then (once he gets home) having a little staycation with Michael. It'll be good.

But I have to be on the road earlier than I'd like tomorrow. Oh well. And once I get to camp, they'll keep me busy. And, if they don't, I have my books. It'll be fine. And I'll be a little sad to leave ... but I'll be VERY GLAD to see Michael ... and VERY glad to see MAH BAYBEES ... and also quite glad to see Mer get married ... and then I can figure out how to alter the skirt and etc ... so maybe I can wear it again somehow. (I'm thinking I might sweet-talk Roxy into changing the skirt into some kind of A-line dress ... and raid the strapless top and the jacket for material for the sleeves or something. Maybe.)

*sigh* I'm feeling ... okay. Not resigned. Not totally excited ... but okay. It's going to be busy. It's going to be a little CRAZY ... but it's upon us and I'm going to get through it. I'll have fun at camp. I'll get home and get to spend a little solo time with Michael (always a good thing). And then we'll get to see the kiddos, who will maybe have missed us a little. ^_^ Then there'll be the wedding and the reception ... and things will be good. And much quieter. For a little. I hope. ^_^

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Nay said...

Camp will go so fast! Night time was the hardest to be away for me. I was the assistant to the stake camp director the past three years (her right hand woman). The first year I was preggo with Dynomite, the next year I was nursing her (so the family came with me), and the year after I was 7 months preggo with Backpack. But by the end of the week I was like wow, going home already! I hope all goes well. It always seemed like the time around camp (before and after) was the busiest of all summer!

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