Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sick Sad World

When did I last blog? I should have looked before I started writing this, huh?

Well, what's pertinent? I've read some books. If you ever go to goodreads, you can see what I have rated. I'm terrible at comments. I don't think I've commented on a single book there. (I think the link works. If it doesn't, let me know. I'll work on it.)

Friday, we went and fed the ducks at one of the local parks. The kids really enjoyed it.
Saturday, we ripped up the stanky carpet in the master bath (seriously ... carpeted bathroom?? Add a shower door that drips when you open it and a couple instances of cats using the "alternate" litter box -- or lack thereof. It was nasty). Then we painted the bare floor so we can use it ... since we don't have the tiles for it yet. Hopefully in a few months.
Sunday ... what can I say about Sunday? We were supposed to sing in ward choir (Sorry Di!) ... but as I was trying to get the kidlets to take a nap, they emptied two drawers of their dresser ... adding that pile to the three other drawers that had been emptied ... I just ...

I don't know if it's February itself, but I have a noticeable LACK of motivation. And my period is making me all crazy. AND I had a meeting in the afternoon. AND I wanted the house in some state of order when my mom came in that afternoon ... And with the kidlets NOT taking a nap that they needed ... I pretty much just took a personal health day for the most part. I cleaned up the house, tried to take a nap, and went to my meeting. I still feel crappy and kinda stupid that I missed church.

I got to see one of my friends that I hadn't seen in a while today. This was the first time I've seen her daughter (I used to play with her eldest when she still lived in town. Then we were pregnant at the same time ... and she moved in the middle of the pregnancy, but she comes to visit family ... and my kidlets and her second are days apart in age). It was good to see her. Unfortunately, she's up because some catty little bint accused her husband (a teacher) of indecent actions. A totally ludicrous claim -- because she was reprimanded for playing with her cell phone during class. Ugh. So she throws people's lives into upheaval. Ugh.
I know that it's totally low of me, but I totally hope that this bint get her karma. And that it bites her, FAST and HARD, in the bum-oley.

Besides that, not a whole lot is going on right now. I'm enjoying PBS's Masterpiece with the Jane Austen novels-into-movies. I've seen the A&E "Pride and Prejudice" before. I like it. Michael and I get to make some snarky comments during it ... like how Darcy's gangster name would be "Wet Shirt Darcy."

Or how Michael's like, "Is this the part where he falls in the lake?"
Me: NO. He goes for a swim. "Falling" implies that it's not on purpose and give a completely different mental image. Like slapstick. And that doesn't fit. ... Though it would be funny.

And how we pick apart Darcy's first (rather pitiful yet passionate) proposal -- "Against my better judgement" = "I love you, even though a smarter man would not." Harsh!!
I'm half-amazed that Lizzie didn't kick the crud out of him for that one.

SO, to take attention away from my odd mental state (or at least distract from it), here are some fun comics that I enjoy:

At comics.com:

9 Chickweed Lane
Get Fuzzy
Pearls Before Swine
(the artists/authors for those last two are friends and rip on each other every so often. It's great. ^_^)
Rose is Rose

There's Sluggy Freelance.

I've recently gotten into Wapsi Square. It's got a bit in common with Sluggy, but it's also very different. (Just so you know, it starts off slowly ... but the plot builds really well. And I'm loving the character development. As I do in ...

Questionable Content
, whose name is very honest. This artist also writes Indie Tits -- a web comic that features mostly birds with unfortunate names that talk about obscure bands. So I really don't get it a lot. I much prefer QC. It's got plot. ^_^

And there is the newest one I've gotten into -- Basic Instructions. The art's not quite all that to be desired (not that it's bad, by any means ... you'll see what I mean). But the humor involved? Genius. I usually have to share these with Michael, since I know he'd appreciate them, too.

So, that sums of MOST of the comics that I read. (If you are into photography, you should check out What the Duck? for a good read.)

Did that work? Did my evasive maneuver for getting off of the topic of my higher-than-it-should-be mental number work? Huh?

If not, I'll be posting pictures of my kidlets.

"I'm gonna catch me a duckie. Then I'm gonna pet it and squeeze it and call it George."

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