Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Luuuuuuuuuuurve Day!

Ah, yes ... the fourteenth of February. The day of luuuuuuuuuuuuuurve.

For a great list of fairy tale couples, go check out Sarah Beth Durst's blog. (She's the author of a fairy-tale based novel. The sequel's coming out soon!) And if you need more of the fairy-tale fun, you should TOTALLY check out her Obscure Fairy Tale posts. I seriously laugh to the point of tears when I read these. She's awesome. I must buy her books.

As far as Valentine's Day plans, we'll be eating dinner here at home. I plan on following the recipe ideas from the Pioneer Woman.

But for you ... you could always go see a concert:

Or a ballet (This one's actually serious. And WOW. I should have stayed in ballet class. Wow.):

You could watch a documentary:

(Sad thing, as you can read on Neatorama, is that after they filmed these frogs, there was a big storm that came through and wiped them all out. So, yeah, we just learned about them right before they've gone extinct.)

And then, HERE is the first Axe body spray advert that has made me laugh.
So subtle. But so good. ^_^

The kidlets are carrying around the little Sesame Street backpacks that they got for V-day ... and they enjoyed their cards from family. They're carrying around the stuffed animals that my younger cousins got them for Christmas. It's a cute day. When they're not whining. ^_^

Bruise is getting a third year's use out of his "Love Overload"-robot shirt. It SWAMPED him his first Valentine's Day. Last year it was just about right. Now it's a little small. But it's SO cute.

I'll be putting Bucket in the dress her cousins gave her for V-day, with a long-sleeved onesie underneath.

TANGENT: We had to buy diapers yesterday. I picked up the generic Target brand ... I'm impressed so far. ^_^ Nice!

Bruise is talking more and more. Good thing.

Here's the conversation we just had:

B: Hi, Mom.
Me: Hi, [Bruise]
B: Hi, Mom
Me: Hi, [Bruise]
*I finish putting the foam dinosaurs back in the book he's brought me*
B: All gone.
*he runs off*
*he runs back with the other dinosaur*
B: All done.
Me: *puts apatosaurus away* Okay, there you go. Put it away now.
B: *grabs book* Bye!!!

In comparison to his rather silence, this is huge. And he'll soon catch up to Bucket's stage of singing songs with lyrics (she's working on the theme to Sesame Street and her ABCs) and counting aloud. ^_^ Yay!

SO, enough about me ... what are your plans for Valentine's Day?

(Back to me: I plan on skipping a meeting, painting my nails, cooking dinner, and sharing more romance-novel cover snark -- Not so safe for work at times ... but still hilarious. Even when I edit the language as I read them aloud to Michael.)

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