Monday, February 11, 2008

Our last week ...

Do you ever feel like somehow EVERYTHING happens all in one week?

It was a fine week. Just a little busy at bits. ^_^

Monday, we fed the elders (missionaries) BBQ pizza. I finally found a pizza dough recipe that I like. Thank the heavens above for my lovely friend, the internet.

Tuesday, Michael's coaching the YW basketball team had been canceled. BUT *I* had a Cub Scout meeting about the future of our Scouting plans ... In the end, we WILL combine with another ward (two wards for a little bit). It sounds like I might be shuffled around a little. But I still have to "plan" the Blue and Gold banquet (and when I say "plan," I mean let everyone else with more experience plan it out ... and I'll have to emcee and buy crayons. And delegate some people to set up and take down stuff.)

Wednesday, I had a Pampered Chef's party at a Dianne's. Very fun. And I got to bring along the kidlets and chat and eat chocolate (whereas Bucket refused the sweets and demanded broccoli. That girl of mine. ^_^ And Bruise enjoyed playing with the bog kids.) ... And Michael had a meeting at church to discuss a meeting (seminar, really) that is going to be postponed for another four months. Yes, we do have a church of meetings. ^_^ (I keep half-jokingly tell my kidlets that if they miss Daddy so much on Sundays, they need to learn to say, "Bishop, too many meetings. I miss Daddy." Yeah, I'm that subversive.)

Thursday was spent cleaning the house and getting packed for Friday, when we went to visit my folks. We stayed at Dad and L's new place (they just got done building their new house. Very pretty). The kids didn't sleep very well. Saturday, we saw Nana (she enjoyed her early birthday present and the card that the kids helped make) and then went over to see my Mom and stepdad. Bucket ate way too much ... but the kiddos (and us adults) had a very nice time. Then, when we had finally gotten the kidlets to sleep at around 9:30 (hello, glorious slumber!), Bucket threw up. Twice. And Bruise woke up from her screaming ... and, well, we were up until midnight (so, no hello, glorious slumber. Hello, torturous sleep-deprivation). So we skipped church and had a leisurely morning, packed up the car, went to Nana's and, from there, headed home.

The kiddos were pretty cute, though. As we drove to Nana's, Bucket was all "I go Mutti's!" (My mom's). And, as we left Nana's, Bruise made her day by saying (and she heard it this time) "Bye-bye, Nana!"

They were tired (and cranky) enough that we put them to bed early. They fell asleep a little earlier than usual. But not by much. I'm just hoping that they take a good nap today. Especially since earlier, Bucket was playing and tripped and bit her lip pretty badly. I held her, gave her some ibuprofen and a teething ring to suck on ... she seems better. She had some fruit snacks and some water. I think that the pretzels would hurt her mouth ... even though she really is asking for them. Poor pumpkin.

Maybe, while they nap today, I can finish my book, load the dishwasher, maybe get the last of the puke-stains out of Bucket's newest sleeper.

But I have managed to get the crib skirts (or should I call them bedskirts, since they are on the "toddler bed" stage of the cribs' metamorphosis? Too many questions! Not enough sleep to ponder them!!) on the correct beds.

BRAGGING: We went to Target last week to get diapers and sundry supplies. I wanted to get a second crib skirt since we took the one side off of each crib and it looked empty ... I got one on clearance (the one that I had looked at MONTHS ago) for less than five dollars. It was originally around $20. Woot me! I also found a cute sheet for Bruise's bed -- it has backhoes and trucks and street signs on it. That boy loves him some cars. And I feel all smart and cool because Bucket likes green ... and that's the color of her new crib skirt. I was able to put the original one we got (white) back on Bruise's bed (to cover up the fact that the Pack-n-Plays live under there ... Bucket's crib has a drawer, but it still looks nicer with a crib skirt. And now I'm BABBLING ... Regardless, her crib sheet and skirt are (at present) both green and go nicely with all the pink blankets she has on there (and the one crocheted green one she got from a great-aunt).

Wow, I'll bet that I've bored you now. Should I start talking about the amounts of laundry I did yesterday (1 load) or how many loads of dishes that I should do today (maybe two) or something else completely boring? Because I totally could.

OR I could actually be cool and stop blathering on and actually clean my house or finish some books or play with my getting-sleepy children.

OH! I totally have to let everyone know: Michael wants to get the next new verb out to be "Jackie Chan" --- as in, "Teancum, in the Book of Mormon, was a total ninja. He's the ninja in the scriptures. When he crept into the Lamanite camp to take out Amalikiah, he totally Jackie Chan-ed it up and over the wall. Then he disappeared in a small cloud of smoke. I'm telling you, he's a ninja!"

And then we had to go into the discussion that either Teancum's packing smoke bombs or he's a mutant with his "bamf"-ing ability.

Yeah ... I don't think this is going to help my street cred much, huh? Unless my street cred is all about how I'm so white and nerdy.

And, just in case you still haven't seen it Dianne ... and for the enjoyment of the world at large:

Because I cannot post it too many times.

Yeah, that is one awesome song. I hearts it.


N & K Caulder said...

Did he really get Donnie Osmond to do that video? Hilarious!

Allanna said...

YES, he did.

And the reason it's Donny Osmond?

As Weird Al said, "He's the whitest guy I could think of."

If you want the whole experience of Donny Osmond's dancing, here's the link to the green screen:

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