Monday, February 25, 2008

More cuteness ... and things I shouldn't have said ...

SO, yesterday, Bruise was at the door of the snack cabinet. (No, not all the snacks are kept in there. But the fruit snacks are.)

Michael: *notices Bruise at the door* Do you want a fruit snack?
Bucket: *standing next to Michael* Okay. Okay, Dad. Fruit snack, okay.
(And her tone!! It was all, "Okay, since you suggested it, Dad, that sounds like a great idea!")

She's too clever. ^_^

And for the thing that I shouldn't have said ... and it goes totally with that one quote about parenthood -- something to the effect of "Your children will repeat word-for-word everything that you should not have said." ... I'm sure you've hear that one. ...

WELL, we got through the Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet. I hadn't realized QUITE how much I was stressing over it. (Once we got it set up, I was ready to sleep for a few days, if that lets you know how much I was worried about it.)

And so I had gotten the crayons, the extra placemats, the certificates for the boys' cakes, and the bid sheets for the silent auction (for the boys' cakes) ... the tables and chairs were set up, we put the tablecloths up ... I had made some chili for the potluck and baked a cake for the auction (it wasn't that cute or amazing. I was not so thrilled with it. But people said it was cute. Thank you for flattering me. ^_^). We took the kids home to get a nap, got them back up, headed back to the church, kept the kids well-behaved, I helped "judge" (give titles to some of them, anyways) the cakes ... and after the awards were given out, we snuck out to go home.

Michael: Are you going to leave your plate (from the chili) there?
Me: Oh, CRAP! No, I completely forgot. Can you go get it while I buckle the kids in?

Bucket: O kwap!!

Me: *tries to suppress giggles as she sounds completely P.O.ed*
Michael: That is NOT funny.
Me: *snickers* It's not at all ... but at the same time it's HILARIOUS.

He goes in and retrieves the plate as I try and explain to Bucket as I get them buckled in (Bless Bruise, he's just chillin' the whole time.)

Me: Bucket, you shouldn't say "crap." It's not a nice word. Only Mommy should say it ... and really, she shouldn't say it, either.

Bucket: Oh kwap. Kwap, kwap, kwap. KWAP!!!

Me: *snickers* *composes myself* NO, Bucket. Don't say that, please. *finishes buckling her in and races to my seat so I can snicker into my fist.*

Michael comes back ... "Do you want your daughter to be the potty-mouth of the Nursery?"

Me: No. ... but it's still funny.
Michael: That's so immature.
Me: *agreeably and light-heartedly* I know. I'm aware of that.


One funny thing at the Blue and Gold --

As the awards for the cakes were handed out and the people who won the silent auctions were announced, the boys were awarded their certificates with their titles for the cakes (a treasure map cake was "X marks the Spot," etc., etc., and so forth).

The sister that I was judging with said that mine had to have a certificate, too. I declined to be awarded it in front of everyone ... but my title was the "Dread Pirate Roberts." ... I'm sure that a few of you will catch the reference. (GREAT movie!!)

As our emcee that night (Not me! Whoo!!!!!!) was announcing the cakes and their respective winners, he asked me via microphone what my award was. So I told him, as loudly as I could.

"Dread Pirate Roberts ... Well I saw it and it was certainly dreadful."

"I know," was my loud reply. (I had complained about it to Michael quite a bit.)

"... In the most pleasant meaning possible!!!" Nice work at back-pedaling. I got a chuckle out of it.

It's cool. It was not the best nor the cutest cake. I think my Relief Society license might be revoked. :P But, hey! It earned some money to help the boys get to Day Camp ... that should make it alright.


Jennifer Davis said...

That is funny. It sounds like us - Jonathan was saying crap too (yes from me, you know Joseph would never say it). I too found it funny, it is really hard not to laugh. Joseph told him it was "Crab," so then he was saying that instead...

Fold My Laundry Please said...


Allanna said...

Jenny - that's why we LOVE and ADORE your husband! ^_^

Mel - "I do not think that word means what you think it means." ^_^ Isn't it one of the best movies EVAH?!?

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