Friday, February 01, 2008

My Veggie Tale

As a mother of kidlets, a good deal of talk about everyone's kids eventually gets to the point of what they will and WILL NOT eat.

Bruise? He does pretty well. He doesn't eat so well when he feeds himself at the table. He gets distracted. He will refuse to eat from his plate, but eat the EXACT SAME FOOD off of yours.
He's not such a big fan of a few vegetables. Broccoli? He's not all into that.
He actually likes grapefruit. He doesn't get a lot of that in this house. But he liked it.

Bucket? She usually eats a bit better. She usually refuses peas.
She can boggle the mind, though.
A few weeks ago, I made made some roasted broccoli (it looks wilted, but is TOTALLY easy to make and is pretty tasty). Bruise took one bite and ran away. Bucket? Nearly demolished the whole plate.

She loves her some o' dem "little trees."

It warms my cold, black heart when I hear her chirp, "Brokky good!"

And I'm impressed that my kidlets will eat salad.
It used to be just the dressing ... they'd suck it off the lettuce and spit the lettuce out. Now they'll eat it gladly.


Now to actually buy and serve more vegetables.
I'm just trying to give them a good bunch of foods to try at a young age.
Maybe then they won't be as picky as I was as a munchkin.

They do like spicier foods than I did. Woot!

But really ... "Brokky good!"
TOTALLY makes my week.

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