Friday, February 22, 2008

Things that my kids say

Bucket has now started saying "Okay."

And she has that resigned tone of voice down. Heaven help me when she's a teenager.

Bucket: Snack, Mom. Snack.
Me: What do we say?
Bucket: Peeeeeese.
Me: Good job. Do you want a cookie?
Bucket: Pensel (Pretzel).
Me: No. No pretzels right now. Can I give you some bread?
Bucket: *all resigned* Okay, Ma. Okay.


Another thing she said today:

"Oh no! I fall down pants!"
("My pants have fallen down!!")

How CUTE is she? I'll tell you. She's wicked cute.


Bruise is talking more. Not a TON more, mind you. But he is improving. He'll count up to three. Sometimes to four.

Whenever he throws a tantrum, what he says is rather dependent upon who's put him in time out.

If it's me, "Daddy wooooooork." ("Daddy's at work" ... and therefore cannot save me. Waaaaah!!!"

If it's Michael, "Moooooooom!!!"

He's silly.


Right now the kiddos are watching Cars (again ^_^) and leaning over the side of the couch.

Bruise: I stuuuuuuuuuck.

Bucket: Stuck! I stuck! Mom! Daddy! Stuck!

Silly children.


Another fun snippet from earlier today.

Michael was taking a nap after he got home from work. The kids had woken up from theirs. I had given Bucket some pretzels and asked her to share with Bruise.

As I looked into the kitchen, Bucket was feeding pretzels, one by one, to Bruise ... complete with sound effects. "Chomp!"

They got distracted by my laughing. At least they know that I'm not laughing AT them-at them .... Just TOWARD them-at them.


And Bruise is wearing his Thomas the Train underwears right now. He asked for them especially ... like threw a tantrum when I put him in a pair of Elmo man panties. ("UNDERWEAR." Michael demands that I refer to the man panties. :P ... Yes, I'm THAT mature.)


Cory, Heather, & Alyssa said...

Alyssa likes to say "k". Kids at this age are so cute. They have a lot of character.

N & K Caulder said...

Your kids are seriously wicked cute! I love how they express themselves. Such smart little cookies.

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