Friday, February 29, 2008

Things that are fun.

Yes, another blog of NOT MY LIFE ... and it's probably a lot more entertaining and exciting than my life tends to be. ^_^

I nabbed this from daringyoungmom:

I'd see it. Heck, I've only watched the first season on DVD. Which is pitiful, indeed. But I do love the sly humor overall. And Steve Carell is genius.

This one makes me giggle.

A lot.

Lots of giggles.

And since I have a soft spot in my heart for Ken Jennings ... and I love movie quotes ... well, this list capturing my heart? Inevitable.

Obscure But Useful Movie Quotes

And since I heart me some serious amounts of Cookie Monster, check out his interview (and the video! He answers the Proust questionnaire!!!) on NPR.
Me heart Cookie!

And this game takes a long time to play ... but you get to feel all helpful for curing these stuffed animals of their psychiatric disorders. FYI, the English translation isn't totally the greatest. But I enjoyed it. Especially when Bucket gets SO, SO , SO(!!!!) concerned with the Hippo's dream analysis.

I'll blog something about my actual life later, okay?

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