Friday, February 29, 2008

It's the end of the world (according to my mental health number)


SO, my dears. Guess how many days I had between periods? Go on, guess.

I had two weeks between the one last month and this month. And now ... THREE FLIPPING DAYS OF NOT BLEEDING.

Am I worried? Not so much as I am insane. Yes, I'm rather insane at the moment.

And it doesn't help that as Bruise, Bucket and I were webcamming with my dear mom-in-law, Bruise flops as I scooted my chair back from the desk so Bucket could clamber back onto my lap ... AND NOW he's sporting a little scrape and HUGE bump above his eye. Because he HIT THE DESK WITH HIS HEAD. Yes.

And there was blood and screaming and me crying and feeling like the worst mom EVER IN ALL THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD AND IN ITS PRE-HISTORY TOO!!!!

BUT, as my dear husband has pointed out, Bruise's tumble is probably NOT my fault at all, since Bruise hasn't taken a nap and is flopping around quite a bit this evening.

I just hope that it's not going to leave a scar.

Of course there's not a chance it won't if he KEEPS PICKING AT IT. Which he does. Ugh!

AND, with all the reading I've been trying to do? The house is just about a disaster. And THAT has an effect on my mental health at this point. Ugh.

OH, and while I'm whining SO MUCH, let's just add that when I wake up? I'm still tired! AND I seem to have forgotten that I need to eat more than once or twice per day. and making food for my family? Totally falling by the wayside.

Yeah, I'm getting the feeling that I'm not going to need to buy that mantelpiece for when I get that Mother of the Year Award.

But yeah. I'm just a regular bundle of laughs and joy today, aren't I?

Don't worry. I'm following this up with "interesting" conversations between my husband and me. And then there will be more videos. Because they are cute and wonderful and I wish I made them myself.


Cynthia said...

Don't worry! We all feel down at one point or another. And to feel that nothing is going your way. It wil pass. And let me tell you that I think you're an awesome mom : your kids are happy and healthy and kids will be kids and they'll get scrapes and bruises ^_-

Fold My Laundry Please said...

Grey skies are gonna clear up...put on a happy face!
Put on your pants and cheer up...let's see that smiling faaaaace!

Or something like that. I don't actually know the words to that song. Anyhoo, I hope things look up for you soon. Meanwhile, I'm sending positive vibes your way as we speak!

Cape Cod Claudia said...

FUBAR'd periods blow. All periods blow, actually. And PMS sucks too. And active kids are totally normal, as are the bruises and battle scars they will wear for, like, ever. :) Feel better, smile!!! Have some chocolate. Or wine. Or both!!

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